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Beverly Kelowna

March 2019 – Present Day

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Beverly Kelowna is an intimate collection of studio, 1, and 2 bedroom homes, currently in pre-sale. Finding a new home in the current Real Estate Market can be tough. Luckily, Kelowna was voted “Best City in Western Canada for Property Investment” this year (2020).

Finding highlights to this versatile city is easy. They have incredible activities no matter which season you visit, from: snowboarding/skiing, boating, winery hopping, hiking, eateries, and so much more. That, added to the unique features of Beverly Kelowna, make it the perfect dwelling for any home buyer.

My job as a designer is to create layouts that tell the story behind the city that will also drive people to embrace the quality and luxury that Beverly Kelowna exudes.

Beverly Kelowna | E-mail Campaign Laptop Mockup Scrolling Image


Providing your audience with exclusive access to the latest information on your development and making sure they feel involved in the progress is critical.

When someone follows you from your beginning stages, that usually means they are eager, willing to make a purchase, or waiting for that one tidbit to confirm their intuition that this is the home for them. Signing up for the related e-mail list gives them that extra leverage and timeline to consider their options and be the first to put in offers.

By sending out E-mail Campaigns, the audience gets a closer look at the interior and exterior features. They also are the first to know about any incentives or events that are being held in relation to the development. By using catchy Subject Lines, Pre-Headers, and attractive images/layout; we are able to ensure our viewers find our content valuable and stick with us through the stages.


Adding to your Instagram Story is just as important as the feed. Similar to SEO, recency has an impact in the algorithm and reminds your followers that you remain active. While they quickly skip through the Stories at the top of their dashboard, they will either consciously or subconsciously see your logo/brand and have it stick in their minds.

This is helpful to keep relevant and once they see your story, they are more likely to follow through to your page and view the latest feed post as well. If they didn’t click your Story in entirety, they will still likely stop when they notice your logo/brand as the seed was already subconsciously planted to view your content from the Story thumbnail at the top.

In Stories I like to add bits of animation as that keeps them viewing for longer or including strong images and information organized with a text hierarchy for easy legibility and understanding.

Beverly Kelowna | Kitchen Specs
Beverly Kelowna Instagram Story | Live in Lake Country
beverly bedroom animation comparison
beverly kelowna with couple moving in


Having a brand that is recognizable is key when you post content online. While users swipe through their feed so fast, it makes an impact when they can tell a post is from your account without looking at the handle at all.

In my designs, I keep the branding of Beverly Kelowna by incorporating their corporate identity colour and typeface.

When it comes to developments (especially during pre-sale), the photos you have the ability to share are mostly renderings. Even though these are excellent and provide the audience the with what they want to see, I always like to put my own twist on them with animations or adding additional elements to bring them to life.

Beverly Kelowna – Social Media Squares

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