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Eliot at Norquay

March 2019 – Present Day

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E-mail Marketing

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The Vancouver housing market had a crisis in 2018 with prices soaring too high for potential buyers and having sellers be afraid to offer any lower. Now, back in 2020 it is still slowly recovering.

Eliot at Norquay is a new pre-sale condo development located in Norquay Village (East Vancouver). This boutique style building offers an affordable solution to living in the city and has great potential to buyers.

My designs help to promote any recent events, buyer incentives, the history of the village, how it’s undergoing a community revamp, the local amenities surrounding, the luxurious interior features, private rooftop, and more that leaves you confident in committing to buying a unit this season.

Eliot at Norquay | VIP Realtor Event Postcard Design
Eliot at Norquay | VIP Realtor Event Postcard Design
Eliot at Norquay | FAQ Printed Flyer


Realtors are charismatic sales people that work best face-to-face or at least within direct communication.

That’s why creating content marketing freebies are useful. Using a sales funnel, you can start getting viewers on your page (website, social media, etc.) and then through those platforms, you can offer some valuable information to convert them into leads.

In this case, Eliot doesn’t offer the FAQ online as a free download but they keep it as collateral for potential leads that ask for more information. This content becomes an easy ice breaker for you the Dinani Group to respond with and helps to support the overall pitch of the home.


E-mail Marketing is the perfect platform to allow for direct communication, making your potential buyers feel like VIP’s. Once you start collecting a list of contacts, you are able to mass produce content for your audience. The benefit for them to sign up comes in form of exclusive deals, unique content, first to receive latest news, and so much more.

Using the campaigns in this way helps not only the individual feel like you’re talking directly to them, but it also gives them an edge over anyone who hasn’t subscribed. Keeping their attention with amazing Subject Lines, Pre-Headers, and designed images/layout will have them coming back for more each time.

Eliot at Norquay | E-mail campaign marketing
Halloween Post mocked up on Eliot's Instagram
Eliot at Norquay | Social Media Design | Halloween Decorations (Digitally Added)
Christmas Post mocked up on Eliot's Instagram
Eliot at Norquay | Social Media Design | Christmas Decorations (Digitally Added)
Eliot at Norquay Instagram Highlight Thumbnails


Social media is huge for promoting developments but what happens when you’re in pre-sale and all you have are renderings?

Easy! You re-purpose those renderings in different ways. One of my favourite projects to do while working with Eliot at Norquay is modifying their renderings to be more thematic. Using different crops of the same image, adding people or lifestyle factors, and most recently: decorating for the holidays (pictured above).

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