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Winston Terraces

March 2019 – Present Day

Print Design
Social Media
E-mail Marketing

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While Vancouver housing prices are still higher than most, Langley has been one of the prime locations for affordability.

Winston Terraces is a 2, 3, & 4 bedroom townhome development located in Langley, BC. Since there is leverage on the price already, we are able to promote Winston to look very appealing as a new home for buyers. Everything from each unit having a private rooftop, to the smart home technology, and luxury interior design helps entice leads.

My designs are carefully created to provide as much information as possible to Winston Terraces, the people behind the development, and all of the offerings. Using platforms like printed brochures, e-mail campaigns, and social media, we are able to get across all types of buyer incentives, progress updates, events, and other current news to do with the project.

Winston Terraces | Developer Profile – Landscape Brochure | Print Design


These days marketing is all about trust and transparency.

With that in mind, a profile on the Developer helps the audience understand who is a part of the project and if they are credible.

Main aspects of this design are about celebrating the Developer’s history, sharing impressive statistics, top projects in their portfolio, and demonstrating their mission…

…I implemented this in the design with a company biography, adding infographics to make the statistics stand out, choosing attractive images from the portfolio homes, and providing their company focus.

At the time of creating this, Quadstar had limited choices in photos to use. Yet I was able to pull together some high quality images from Winston Terraces and Dinani Group.

Winston Terraces | Development Portfolio – Landscape Brochure | Print Design
Winston Terraces | E-mail campaign design mockup


Collecting and maintaining a list of potential buyers or sellers is a fantastic resource for realtors and developers.

When you have a direct line of communication with people that have already shown interest in your company/service, you are already ahead of the game. The next step is to narrow it down to the leads that will truly convert to buyers.

By switching up Subject Lines, Pre-Header Text, graphics, and topics, you begin to find out which campaigns hit more with your audience. From there, you can modify future content to support the messages they want to know about.

Winston Terraces Instagram Highlight Covers


Posting about developments on social media is great because the stylish interiors sell themselves; but as a pre-sale, how do you keep content coming when all you have are renderings of a few rooms?

I have found a way to re-purpose these renderings to be used again and again in unique and appealing ways.

For Instance: I highlighted the 9′ ceilings feature by counting the measurement with avocados.

Winston’s private rooftop terrace is their most unique selling point. Knowing this, I try to find ways to keep the posts about it interesting. During Halloween I wanted to include something a little creepy but still relevant, so I added a witch stirring her “cauldron” (the outdoor hot tub). Another way to showcase the rooftop is I did a text animation to the beat of “The Roof is on Fire” while crossing out the “on” – so people could read a sly “The Roof is Fire“.

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