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Dinani Group Projects

March 2019 – Present Day

Print Design
Social Media
E-mail Marketing

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Realty Support

Hearing about the real estate market, (especially in Vancouver), can be daunting and leave you uncertain about which steps you should take next as a potential buyer or seller. As secure as you may feel holding out and waiting for the tides to change, there will always be situations where you may have to move forward.

Dinani Group has found a way to prove to you the value in buying and selling even throughout a wavy market. Generalizations make people wary and keep them comfortable in indecision. With the right advice and team, like Dinani Group, you will be expertly guided to find what suits your needs and wants. Reaching National Top 1% in Canada as a Real Estate Group after only 2 years as an established team (25+ as individuals), they have the experience and knowledge to successfully help you with your home hunting or selling endeavours.

My design work for them is to push forward promotions of anything from buyer incentives, recent listings, presentation centres, open houses, new developments, upcoming events; and overall helping to humanize their brand and showcase the talent behind the team.

Dinani Group – Adil Dinani – Business Card


During Open Houses, Presentation Centres, or other events of the like; it’s important to provide contact details and leave a lasting impression with the client.

White business cards are great for keeping notes in the moment (about any particular offers/details discussed). Additionally, the headshots work as a reminder of who you are to client and puts a friendly face to the name when they reflect back or show their partners.

The business card designs were kept consistent across the board with only changes of the individual accolades and headshots for each team member.

Open Houses E-mail Mockup – Dinani Group


Real Estate is a highly competitive market so it makes sense that you want to keep your potential buyers (or sellers) interested. With E-mail Campaigns, you have the opportunity to land your promotions directly to their inbox. You will always get strides ahead when you are collecting e-mail addresses from potential clients that maybe won’t work for one project, but are still on your list when you release the next. The value in this connection is endless.

How to Achieve Valuable E-mail Marketing
1) Creating a catchy Subject Line and Pre-Header that entices people to click and view the campaign
2) Having eye-catching design at the top of the page
3) Ensuring your brand is recognizable and familiar
4) Keeping your verbiage and sign-off to reflect human dialogue and be more personable (vs. cold sales in a business voice).

All those steps combined and you have a successful E-mail Campaign that keeps loyal viewership, promotes the latest events/news in your industry, and introduces your company in a trustworthy & credible way.

Dinani Group – Digital Holiday Card


Speaking of a personal touch and humanizing your brand, this is a holiday card that I designed for the team. I think it’s important to add a group photo to highlight the members and remind people who is behind all of the content they receive. I also wanted to add some slow movement to capture the viewer’s attention and keep them looking at the card a little longer (which was done with the snowfall in the snow globe).

Dinani Group – Testimonial – Social Media Mock
Dinani Group – Coffee Cup Mockup
Dinani Group - The Province Article Feature – Social Media


When landing new clients or developments, it’s great to have supportive material to back up your experience.

Putting together a proposal has the same methods of humanization while simultaneously bringing factual statistics, past work, case studies, and strong, aesthetically pleasing portfolio images.

This design used elements from the brand (line shapes of the logo), colour scheme, and while I didn’t want to spill out the proposal secrets with my mockups, here is a brief glance into the introduction.

Sales & Marketing Proposal – Dinani Group
Sales & Marketing Proposal – Intro. Pages – Dinani Group

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