Smile! You’re On Shrooms Sticker (Holographic)


Sticker size: 2.5 x 3in (63.5 x 76.2mm)
Material: Adhesive Paper
Finish: Glossy, Holographic, Waterproof

For best results, clean the area and stick to a flat surface.

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Smile! You're on Shrooms Sticker (Holographic) | Glare

Smile! You’re on Shrooms (Holographic)

This smiling, bright yellow sticker creates a mesmerizing vision for anyone. Now, imagine watching its holographic light beams bouncing around at you while you’re tripping on some magical substances in the summer.

Designed to keep an outlook that’s positive and warm while including a fun colour gradient that will really radiate.

These stickers are best displayed anywhere that light hits them from your portable cooler at the beach, to your cellphone, vehicle, water bottle, and more.

As micro-dosing becoming more widespread and beloved, this is the perfect gift to get anyone you know who is currently introducing psilocybin into their lifestyle.

Quality Promises

– Holographic
– Vinyl Sticker Paper
– Cubic Coating
– 0.08mm Thick

Die Cut Sticker - Shrooms Holographic
Holographic Vinyl Sticker Paper with Smile! You're on Shrooms

What does holographic mean?

Holographic is a pattern style that forms a 3D feel when illuminated by a light source. Often times reflecting it’s own light back out in a variety of colours (pictured left).

Where can I stick my stickers?

Where to Stick Icons - Travel (Luggage)


Water Bottle
Portable Cooler

Where to Stick Icons - Laptop


Phone Case

Where to Stick Icons - Vehicle


Car or Truck

Where to Stick Icons - Speaker



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