Holo Crystal Sticker (Holographic)


Sticker size: 0.8 x 1.4in (22.5 x 36.5mm)
Material: Adhesive Paper
Finish: Glossy, Holographic, Waterproof

For best results, clean the area and stick to a flat surface.

This Crystal sticker also comes inversed as: Black Crystal Sticker (Holographic)

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Holo Crystal Sticker (Holographic)

Crystals are used to garner and emit healing energies that will improve your life in a positive way. I knew that a holographic finish was in order for this crystal to shine its true colours.

The same way you charge a real crystal via sunlight or moonlight, this sticker looks best in a location where light can bounce off of it and give a dimensional look.

Quality Promises

– Holographic
– Vinyl Sticker Paper
– Cubic Coating
– 0.08mm Thick

Die Cut Sticker - Holo Crystal Holographic
Holographic Vinyl Sticker Paper with Holo Crystal

What does holographic mean?

Holographic is a pattern style that forms a 3D feel when illuminated by a light source. Often times reflecting it’s own light back out in a variety of colours (pictured left).

Where can I stick my stickers?

Where to Stick Icons - Travel (Luggage)


Water Bottle
Portable Cooler

Where to Stick Icons - Laptop


Phone Case

Where to Stick Icons - Vehicle


Car or Truck

Where to Stick Icons - Speaker



Additional information

Weight 0.009 lbs
Dimensions 22.5 × 9.84 × 0.25 in


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