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Manifest Destiny Sticker (Holographic)

When you need a little direction, look no further than… no, a little to the left. Right in that mirror there. What do you see? That’s the key. There’s no magic 8 Ball or genie in a bottle that can tell you what the future holds.

It’s allllll you, baby.

Take your fate into your own hands. Imagine your ideal future. Figure out what is that you want and soon you’ll realize that you’re capable of getting it. That’s right, you’ve got the power to Manifest Destiny.

Pop this bad boy onto your mirror, journal, laptop, or water bottle for a daily reminder of what you’re capable of.

The sticker is holographic, waterproof, and radical (in more ways than one).

Quality Promises

– Holographic
– Vinyl Sticker Paper
– Cubic Coating
– 0.08mm Thick

Die Cut Sticker - Manifest Destiny Holographic
Holographic Vinyl Sticker Paper with Manifest Destiny

What does holographic mean?

Holographic is a pattern style that forms a 3D feel when illuminated by a light source. Often times reflecting it’s own light back out in a variety of colours (pictured left).

Where can I stick my stickers?

Where to Stick Icons - Travel (Luggage)


Water Bottle
Portable Cooler

Where to Stick Icons - Laptop


Phone Case

Where to Stick Icons - Vehicle


Car or Truck

Where to Stick Icons - Speaker



Also Available on Etsy | Ash Robertson Design Seller
Weight 0.009 lbs
Dimensions 22.5 × 9.84 × 0.25 in


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