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Website Design

Blend Bubble Tea – Website Home

October 2014–Present

Website Design

SquareSpace (CMS)

A website design is always necessary for a business. It’s important to have a place that will be informative and accurate for customers to go to when they have questions about hours, menu items, contact information, and more. When you want the most up-to-date and honest information, users want to go to the direct source.

For Blend, we knew that there would be constant menu changes whether it be different foods, drink items, or updated pricing. I chose to go with SquareSpace so that the employees would be able to go in and edit it on their end even with minimal knowledge of website design or coding.

Blend really likes to bring together the community with different kinds of events. They’ve done activities such as the Easter Blend Hunt, live music, customer appreciation days, gingerbread building competitions, pop-up haunted houses, trivia nights, and many more.

To keep up their SEO while also sharing with their guests, we created an Events Page (blog feed). The updates give an insider look for upcoming events, recently passed events, current news of the business, and more.

The theme of this website uses large hero images with parallax scrolling which gives us plenty of opportunity to showcase some really great photos of the drinks, food & interior.

We kept to 5 main navigation links for easy access to the general information a guest would need.

The website is populated with photos I’ve taken on shoot days, edited with either Lightroom or Photoshop, and optimized for web.