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Wall Mural

Wall Mural | Digitized Sketch

March 2018

Wall Mural Design

Illustrator CC

To answer the long aged question of, “Do you need to be able to draw to become a graphic designer?” the answer for me is no, not particularly.

After a large interior renovation at Blend Bubble Tea, the owners reached out to me to see if I could design them a mural for one of their empty walls. You can see that with my initial sketch that I truly don’t have a talent for pen to paper drawings. However, with the support of online softwares and working digitally – I am able to bring that visualization from a dodgy sketch to a grand illustration with my tablet.

I wasn’t given much direction for this piece but to simply make it relative to the company. I included all sorts of elements such as ingredients for their drinks/food, their awards they’ve won, their signature Blend jar, board games they have in store, a caricature of the owners themselves, and some fun sayings.

Wall Mural | Bubble Boys Pen Sketch
Wall Mural | Chalk Outline
Wall Mural | Drawing Projection


Once the design was finalized, the owners of Blend projected it to size on their wall and some of their employees volunteered to trace it. First they began with chalk to see how it looked and then officially committed to it with paint.

Pearls Are Always Appropriate


I wanted to incorporate some interactivity in the mix. I added 3 bubble tea cups (to size) where people can outline their real life drinks – with a quote below that reads: “pearls are always appropriate”. This is a play on the classic statement necklaces of pearls that are always suitable to wear with the spin of the classic taste of pearls from a bubble tea which are always accepted.

I also included some empty frames as requested by the owners where they could hang local art for sale.

Blend Bubble Tea – Interior Wall Mural Design