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Social Media Design & Marketing

Social Media | Blend Bubble Tea | Instagram Feed

Social Media Marketing

The owners of Blend like to experiment with different social media aesthetics. In the beginning we did a lot of designed posts that were using their corporate colours (blue and yellow) mixed in with photography. There was also a time when we changed direction into a neutral, desaturated colour scheme. Over the years, we’ve really been testing what works best with their audience and where the biggest volume of results come from…

…Most recently we’ve been relying a lot on their food or drink items selling themselves. With the right photography and photo editing skills, they appear even more alluring to the audience. The owners have even noticed an increase of particular item sales on days that item is posted about.

With a consistently updated and carefully considered feed, Blend has garnered ~2,650 followers on Instagram and ~1,570 on Facebook.

Social Media Design Mockup | Blend Bubble Tea

Instagram Effect Design (AR)

While Instagram Effects seem silly and fun at first glance, you can really reap the marketing benefits. They create interactivity between your brand and its customers; when the users share it on their personal Story, your account will reach new audiences (internationally); and for any newcomers it can teach them a bit more about your brand or services (ex. a menu item randomizer will help them decide on a drink to try on their first visit).

Instagram Effect - What's Your Blend? - Menu Order Randomizer
Customer Using 'Which Blend BBT Item Are You?' Instagram Effect
Customer Using 'Which Blend BBT Item Are You?' Instagram Effect from Philippines
Female Customer Using 'Which Blend BBT Item Are You?' Instagram Effect

Walking in a Winter Wonder-Blend

Event Pages

Blend is very involved in the community and they enjoy holding all types of different events. Some of which involve an extra cost (whether it’s a trivia night with a cash prize, a pumpkin carving contest with carving materials, or a gingerbread house building contest as pictured).

Since these events have a small entry fee, we create Event pages for guests to attend on Facebook. This is great for a multitude of reasons: they get a solid number of how many attendees (for them to keep statistics), when people click “Interested” or “Going” it shares to their feed (more eyes on Blend), and some people will even share it with their friends directly to “Invite” them.

Social Media Design | Gingerbread House Building Contest | FB Event Page

Generate real leads using Social Media via planned marketing campaigns.
Blend’s annual Easter Blend Hunt is a great example.

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