Setting My Goals for a Great 2019
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2019 has finally begun and there is already a lot on my list of goals this year.

My last blog post was written before my website relaunch and previous to my Portugal trip, where I recently became Yoga Teacher Certified. As you can imagine, gaining a whole new expertise can be really exciting and can temporarily steal your focus. If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been taking my time contemplating where and how I want to activate this new skillset I have of teaching yoga. I have also been practicing it a lot more frequently, I’ve been writing out my resolutions, and I’ve started paving a new path to bring it all to life.

I’ve always been a very shy person so standing in front of a yoga class would be super intimidating for me right away. Don’t get me wrong, I am confident in my capabilities in yoga right now. I think for the length of time I’ve been practicing, I’ve picked up on it fairly smoothly. That’s not to say that it’s easy or I’m amazing at it, it’s just one of those things that feels natural to me. It’s something that I know I can keep improving on. While there are some pretty wild asanas out there, there is always a path to get there. It may take years… but it’s possible. Even with this confidence I still want to move at my own pace to learn all of the asanas I can, the drishtis, adjustments, and have more overall assurance before I begin to teach others in real life.

I’ve always loved writing blog posts on this website but have struggled with the idea that I need to stick to one overarching theme or topic. A majority of my past posts were design related or behind-the-scene thoughts of my previous school or work experiences. Overall, no matter the topic, I would find it to be quite therapeutic. I mention this because when I came back from my Yoga Teacher Training, I decided I didn’t want to dive right into teaching. I came up with the idea that I’d like to share my learnings through a blog and YouTube channel – and it all clicked in from there. A couple of nights before New Year’s Eve, I got into bed pretty late. I suddenly found myself still awake – enthusiastically typing notes in my phone of video and blog topic ideas – until 4am. That’s when my epiphany came that I’ve finally found the niche I want to write about and share with people. There was an endless amount of relative topics that I could come up with in one sitting, and I knew I hit my mark.

Yoga for one has been such a strong benefit for me but I’d also love to write about mindfulness. When I look back and see the blog posts I’ve written on this website, I realize that I was always doing so. I would already write all the time on thoughts & overthinking, dreams, horoscopes, all sorts of topics that while not necessarily related to design; were related to me. That fact alone helped me justify being able to post them on here. They also always came from a time in my life where I was dipping my toes in all new jobs or revolving around different types of business mindsets. I don’t regret it because I have all these amazing entries for me to look back on when I’m older. I get to re-read how I was feeling or where I started from. Although, I did always have that “Erm… I don’t know if it’s a bad idea to put these on my portfolio” in the back of my mind.

Now, I’m going to have a new outlet to share. I’ve actually already started piecing together my yoga related channels. I love the idea of keeping my brand, me. I share very personal and insightful experiences on here (which will now start migrating over to my yoga blog), and I love being open to who I am and letting you see that side of me. If you wish to follow me in my yoga direction, you can do so at these links:

Ash Robertson Yoga: Website

Ash Robertson Yoga Website

Instagram: @ashrobertsonyoga

Ash Robertson Yoga – Instagram

Ash Robertson Yoga & Mindfulness: YouTube

Ash Robertson Yoga YouTube Channel

As you can see this year, I re-designed my website. I am in the process of looking for new Graphic Design clients to work with. I am going to be splitting my time equally between Graphic Design and Yoga. This was my whole ambition as I know my body and mind need a balance of hard work in both my job and health. While I am currently establishing a foundation for my yoga business and the direction I am looking to take it, my mind has been fairly occupied. The time has come, where I have my website and social channels ready and I’m about ready to begin it all. Graphic Design and Yoga, here I come!

Since I’m also back writing on here, I’m starting to reminisce and decide whether or not I should keep this blog for design related topics. I do always love posting and know that every once in a while, when I have a fun project or new experience, I’ll want to share it with you. I just want to make sure I don’t keep a dead blog live for no reason. I’ll keep it up for now and see where it starts going in a few months or so.

There’s so much on my plate right now but I’m super excited and wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are reading this for the first time since my launch, please take a gander at my new layout! I’ve always been so unsure if I should re-design my website and now that I finally have, I’m super excited to share it with you. Let me know what your favourite part is in the comments. If you are looking to hire a designer and like what you see, let’s connect.

Finally, for all your support and for my brand new venture, I wanted to share with you guys a freebie. Since this New Year is all about goal setting for me and working on finding a balance between design & yoga, I have officially made a Don’t Break the Chain 2019 Calendar. This is a habit tracking calendar, where you label a daily activity you wish to accomplish at the bottom. Every day of 2019 is represented on the calendar, and for each day you succeed in your defined activity, you cross that date off. The idea is to keep you motivated by not breaking the “chain” of crosses you achieve.

If you would like to download it, it is available here for FREE:

Download – Don’t Break the Chain 2019

Don't Break the Chain Calendar

(17×11″, Blue & Grey Versions Available)

Thanks for keeping up! I wish you all the best of luck in the New Year and hope that we can all reach our resolutions together.

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