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WINGS Restaurants & Pubs

Aug. 2017–2018

Print Design
Social Media
Video & Photography

Photoshop CC
inDesign CC
Illustrator CC

When I first applied for this job I was applying to “GoldWings Entertainment”; they responded to my application with an e-mail from “GreatWings.ca”, and when I looked up the restaurant online it was called “WINGS Tap & Grill”. Confusing? I’d say so.

Once I landed the full time position as Digital Marketing Coordinator, the very first step I took was delivering the Marketing department a brand audit. I went across all of their social media accounts, website, e-mail addresses, and any digital presence I could find to take note of where I believed their brand needed the most help. My number 1 concern quickly became known as inconsistency.

After that, myself and the 2 other members of the Marketing team, (Abbey who works with Print and Jeff who is the mastermind behind our programs), began working together to pull the WINGS Restaurants & Pubs brand back to a place of recognition.

While my role was labelled “Digital”, I actually took on a balance of print projects too. For a company with 11 locations and 2 food trucks, there were always pending print materials such as posters, tent cards, sandwich boards, and more from all the different store managers.

WINGS - Stamp Design
WINGS - Chinese Lantern Festival - A Frame Poster Design
WINGS - Icons for Drink Menu
WINGS - VIP Card Design
WINGS Presentation Folder
WINGS - E-mail Campaign Design

My main duties as Digital Media Marketing Coordinator were:

Social media posts
> designing

Internal training videos
> filming & editing

MailChimp campaigns
> designing & copywriting

Landing pages
> designing

Blog posts
> writing & layout design

Happy Thanksgiving Instagram WINGS
Movember – WINGS Instagram
WINGS – Merry Christmas Instagram
Lunch Frequency Card

I would do monthly and quarterly reports for Social Media statistics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp Listing & Wi-Fi, and Google Analytics & Business Listing.

I blurred out the real numbers due to confidentiality but I kept visible the icons of growth, steadiness, and/or decline. This is an animated snippet of an otherwise 30-page document.

Analytics Report Animation

My position at GoldWings Entertainment Ltd.

WINGS Restaurants & Pubs is a large chain restaurant centred in British Columbia (and one location in Edmonton). With 11 locations and 2 food trucks total, there is a mix of Corporate and Franchised stores. I worked with them in-house at the Head Office for GoldWings Entertainment Ltd. (their parent company) as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. This is the first restaurant concept under GoldWings, with their second SMK Smokery & Bar having opened October 2018.