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Mandy Gill (fitness personality) is the founder of MGM Fitness & MGM Fit Foods and the Mandy Gill Fitness & Nutrition App. She calls herself a plant-based super athlete and a total body-mind-spirit-wellness advocate.

She is a public figure who lives a specific lifestyle and shares the details of it with her following. Mandy has a wide range of skills such as: fitness coaching, meal prep & nutrition, goal setting, motivational speaking, and more.

With all of the projects I did for Mandy, it was very important to remain on-brand and make everything personalized to her. Since she is the main attraction to her clientele and business; her personality, style, and photos all had to spotlight Mandy and promote her strengths. She has a very bubbly, motivating personality that keeps people coming back for more.

After an unfortunate hacking incident, I was commissioned to do a complete re-design of Mandy’s website. With an outlook to motivate her clients and followers, Mandy consistently shares her positive & inspiring posts online. I made sure to showcase her experiences in her blog which we would collaborate on. Sometimes I would do the copywriting & she would supply the images, other times – vice-versa.

Our House Magazine Layout

Mandy Gill (fitness personality) is also a Reebok Sponsored Athlete and she needs to meet a cap of posts featuring their brand. For these posts, we have done multiple photoshoots sporting Reebok clothes and workout gear. We’ve done indoor and outdoor shoots featuring both photos and videos. These have all been edited and colour corrected by myself for her website and social media. I even had one of the photoshoots that I took with Mandy published in Our House magazine.



I previously did social media design & marketing for her company MGM Fitness but later began managing her personal account @MandyGillDotCom. We collaborated on ideas to post throughout the month that I would photograph/design/edit and write a caption for.

I came up with a system using Google Sheets to create a social media calendar. We posted captions (mentioning the associate images), and highlighted them in a coloured legend defined as “Pending”, “Approved”, or “Needs Work”. Those key colours told us what needed to be done before the day of posting.

Social Media Schedule
Mandy Gill Instagram Feed



I styled the Media page for anyone looking to hire her for moments such as: magazine shoots, TV segments, or community events. Since she works in customer service & as a public figure, I wanted to show a bit of her character and charm. I did this by linking her social media accounts and offering testimonials written by her clients. This brings the appeal to more potential customers/followers that will be able to see the positive energy reflected through her content.

I also learned new applications like MoonClerk for payment processing from people who want to subscribe to her app. Secondly, I learnt which is an online scheduling tool that she could have people reserve training days with her online (according to what’s available in her schedule).

Mandy Website Pages
Mandy Gill E-mail Signature
Mandy Gill Blog Post




Mandy Gill APP Pamphlet