May 2020

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Arreglo Entertainment Inc. is a company that aims to promote leading-edge music and support talented artists through playlist curation. While at the same time bringing large, attendee-focused, live, house music festivals to unique and scenic locations across British Columbia.

As Vancouver continues to grow in the entertainment industry, with a boom of film opportunities and uprise in celebrity stays, this company intends to host the finest events for those personalities to join while in the city.

Arreglo meaning “Arrangement” in Spanish, is an innovative company with a broad direction of combining community, luxury, and music together in a near lifestyle-concierge manner. It was a fun challenge to come up with an all-encompassing brand identity that people could understand.

Arreglo Opus Lifestyle Logo Design
Arreglo Logo Inspiration (Crown and stage)
Arreglo Logo as a neon sign on a plant wall



Marrying together multiple symbols that support your brand and fitting them into one icon, isn’t always as easy it looks. The symbols of the crown and stage are a perfect combination to illustrate the complexity of Arreglo.

It provokes opulence, exclusivity, while at the same time reflecting a venue for live music or concerts; but can also emulate after parties, award shows, weddings, and more.



While Vancouver (often mocked as ‘Raincouver’) can be a bit gloomy at times, I knew that Arreglo needed to stand out with warm, fun, and passionate colours. Envisioning beach concerts and outdoor VIP events stacked with above-the-top decor helped me put together a style guide that will really amplify the spirit of their brand. These endorphin-boosting colours and the potential reach for their luxurious designs will leave you anticipating your invite to their next big event.

Branded Style Guide - Arreglo Entertainment (Mood Board & Colour Scheme pages)



Vibrant colours not only suit the overall character of the brand but also stand out on platforms with competing thumbnails such as Spotify (or other music streaming services). It was important for Arreglo Entertainment Inc.’s corporate colours to be contrasting to create beautiful, contemporary flat graphics like these for their cover art. The diversity of these colours really help in encapsulating different moods – hitting the tone successfully for both Summer and Winter while under the same colour scheme restrictions.

Mellow - Arreglo Entertainment - Playlist
Summer - Arreglo Entertainment - Playlist
South - Arreglo Entertainment - Playlist
Winter - Arreglo Entertainment - Playlist
North - Arreglo Entertainment - Playlist


View it in action on Facebook

Arreglo Entertainment Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Pic