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Michelle Comens

Jan. 2017–Aug. 2017

Print Design

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Michelle Comens is a real estate agent that works in the Vancouver and surrounding area. She was a client from when I worked with Lonely Cloud Design.

Michelle is highly respected in the industry and has received many accolades including Top 1% in Sales for 2016. Her schedule was very busy and there would be times where she would call last minute and need a quick turn around on her projects. Normally I follow a more prepared time management schedule; but understanding her accreditation and upcoming deadlines, I made it a priority to get them completely finished in the requested time.


E-mail campaigns are big in the realtor world. You always want to keep your client-base up with the latest in For Sale, Just Sold, and how the market is doing. We would typically do around 1 campaign per month. Michelle would supply all of the content & images to input. I would add everything in into a MailChimp template, link all of the necessary assets, and schedule to send it out when it was finalized & approved.

Michelle Comens Assistant Business Card Design
Michelle Comens – Envelope Design
Michelle Comens Feature Sheet Design


While online marketing is super important for realtors, traditional marketing also remains huge. Who are the types of people you want to market houses to? People that have already bought a house – because you know they’re interested buyers. Sending door-to-door mailers is the perfect way to bring attention to great sales prices and tell potential buyers what opportunities are available for them in the future.

Michelle Comens – Mail Out Flyer Design

My position at Lonely Cloud Design
I worked with Lonely Cloud Design as a contract designer. Our main clientele included: bars/pubs, realtors, and miscellaneous industries. My employer along with the client would critique any drafts I came out with and we would collaborate on design decisions for me to finalize.