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October 2017

Print Design
Photography (for Social Media)

Illustrator CC

After multiple requests from their regulars, here is Merchandise for Blend Bubble Tea. The owners decided they wanted to design some branded clothing that would be more modern and playful. A style that their customers would want to wear.

For now they are only looking to start a bit of an inventory to do some giveaways with the merchandise. Once they discover the most popular designs and how many people are interested, that’s when they want to actually put them up for sale to the public.

Bubble Bae


I was told to create 3 different designs that would work on a black t-shirt and sweater. The first one was an idea that has been thrown around for a long time. At the height of popularity of the word “BAE”, they knew it would be suitable & anticipated to have a shirt that would read “Bubble Bae”.

Suck My Balls


The “Suck My Balls” design is the same illustration we used for the temporary tattoos on Canada Day. This was a big hit with the consumers & only made sense to be resized into a t-shirt. Again, I’ve seen this depicted before (not an original idea) but liked it enough to stylize it for Blend.



Lastly, this design is a punny image of a blender’s controls turned all the way up. It was made as a play on Blend and how a huge part of their job is using blenders to make drinks. Turnt, in case you’ve not heard, is a term used to encompass being hyped up (ie. getting turnt).