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Liana C. Yap

December 2016

Print Design

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Liana C. Yap is a real estate agent that works in the Vancouver and surrounding area.

Liana is highly respected in the industry and has received many accolades including: Elite Club Award, Masters Club Award, Diamond Club Award, Presidents Club Award, Platinum Club Award, Directors Club Award, and Award of Excellence (All under Sutton Group).

Yap was my first real estate client who was looking for stationery design to help her become more recognizable as a branded identity in the industry. She added her dog to her headshots which instantly told me she was willing to be a little more playful. We decided this image captured her personality and could have a positive affect on potential clients, so we used it consistently amongst her assets.

When a sign is repeated throughout your life, we stop acknowledging it all together, to the point that you no longer need to read it to know what it says. In this case, Liana wanted an “Open House” sign but she also wanted to encourage people to take off their shoes for the tour.

In order to have them stop and truly read the sign, we had to make it a little different. With the colour variation and the focus not so much on “Open House” but more on the instant message we wanted to get across, “Please Remove Your Shoes”, we knew that bystanders would have a higher chance of fully reading the sign than scanning over it.

Open House Sign - Liana Yap
Liana Yap - Envelope Notepade
Letterhead and business card design
Liana Yap - Presentation Folder