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You are looking for a change,
make one that others will notice.

 Cultivate your audience

 Glow up your marketing

Arreglo Logo as a neon sign on a plant wall
Branded Style Guide - Arreglo Entertainment (Mood Board & Colour Scheme pages)

Hey there,
I’m Ash Robertson

Ash Robertson | Profile Photo

Finally appeal to the right people when you follow this easy branding blueprint.



Psst.. I also sell original products on Etsy. So if you like my style, give it a look.

Brand Design & Strategy

“Ash was integral to building my brand identity for my café. She really took the time to understand what I wanted and came back with incredible work ... If you need a graphic designer, she is your girl.”

– Yoseb

Blend Bubble Tea

ARD Shop

“My family member loved it! The card quality is nice and thick, with a good quality envelope as well. As for the art, it's exactly what you see in the pictures...”

– Chris

Re: Welcome to the Christmas Games (Greeting Card)

Brand Design

“I'm incredibly happy with how our new logo turned out and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for branding. Thank you for designing such a gorgeous brand for us, I'm really proud of it!“

– Bianca

New Age Engineering

Smile, you're
on brand.

In 5–6 weeks you will get a fully developed brand that looks as good as it converts. From start to finish, I’ll conceptualize who your brand is, define the best methods to win over your audience, and give you an easy guideline to follow that’ll keep your brand consistent.


Week 1–2


Week 3–4


Week 5–6

*Feedback time + revision lengths may affect this

Ash Robertson Design - Smile Logomark
Is your brand camera ready?

After all, there’s no time for embarrassment or bad angles. Instead, let’s transform your brand into something you’ll love to promote.

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Join the Happy Brand Crew

Do what you love, love what I do for you.

To brand or
not to brand?

Easy. If you're at one of these stages, it means it's time for you to invest in your brand.
You're starting a
new business

You will have a lucrative launch when you invest in brand strategy and design ahead of your release.

You want to outperform
your competitors

People are loyal to brands they are familiar with. Define a differentiator that will get them to pick yours.

You've shifted into
a different niche

Nintendo was originally a Japanese playing card biz. Their niche shift changed the game for them, both literally & exponentially.

You have new product(s)
or a new overall direction

Brand a particular collection or product. The audience for original Coca-cola is different than the audience who drinks Coke Zero.

You want to increase your
rates or product pricing

Have your brand truly reflect its own professionalism, quality, credibility, exclusivity; and all of the factors that make it valuable.

You need help attracting
the right audience

Don’t waste your ad budget on clicks that don’t matter. Target your audience and watch conversions grow.

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April 20, 2023

Bao Buns

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    Brand Strategy

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    Visual Identity

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    Richmond, BC

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