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Photo Retouching

Editing blemishes, wrinkles, red eye, changing colours, removing distractions, etc.


While recovering every element isn’t always guaranteed, there are best practices to take when capturing your images. Shooting your photos in RAW will retain data and can bring back more detail through editing than you initially see in the original photo.

Photo Retouching | Original photo (too dark)

Initial photo was too dark

Photo Retouching | Brightened background

Brightened the background

Photo Retouching | Brightened subject

Brightened foreground subject

Photo Retouching | Final photo retouching of Yoseb in LA

Colour correction (less red, more blue)

Photo Retouching | Photo retouching - LA - video process

Editing process


It can be hard to coordinate your poses with one another when you are taking a photo. Especially when surrounded by distractions or in group shots where one person blinks, one yawns, one is looking away, etc.

That’s why in times like these, you should try and take as many options where everyone looks good in at least one of them. Then, leave it up to me to morph them together!

Photo Retouching | Photo of friends (1 person not ready)

Subject #2 prefers this image

Photo Retouching | Photo of friends (2nd person not best shot)

Subject #1 prefers this image

Photo Retouching | Good shot of person 1, removed person 2

Remove Subject #2

Photo Retouching | Combination of both of the best sides of the photo into one good one

Combine both preferences

Combining 2 photos of friends to get both of their better sides in one



It’s usually not until you’re home and looking through the photos that you take that you notice something in the frame you wish wasn’t there (ex. bra strap showing, broccoli in teeth, hair tie on wrist… the list goes on). With photo retouching we can remove unwanted or distracting items.

Secondly, have you ever wanted to change the colours of part of a photo? Maybe you want to have it match your Instagram theme, you want to switch the colour of your shirt so it doesn’t look like you’ve been wearing the same one multiple days in a row? Photo retouching can make these wishes come true.

Photo Retouching | Original Portrait (showing bra strap, baby hairs)

Original image

Photo Retouching | Brightening eyes, removing bra strap, baby hairs

Brightening, removing flyaway hairs and bra strap

Photo Retouching | Eye colour from blue to brown

Changing eye colour from blue to brown

Photo Retouching | Editing Process Animation

Editing process

Do-It-Yourself with 1-Click

Shop my presets today. Presets are pre-made filters that you can use across your own photos to give them the same look!
Compatible with: Lightroom (desktop version + the free mobile app) & Photoshop.

Photo retouching | "A flower that refuses to bloom robs the world of its beauty"