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Photo Manipulation

Combining different pieces of imagery and transforming them to create an all new, unique and more often than not – surreal, composition.
Show off your creativity with these professional Photoshop skills.


Scrolling through social media can give you a huge hit to the face of FOMO, especially when you land on other people’s vacation photos. Why not create your own oasis to share? Using Photoshop I blended photos of different locations together that created a beautiful, fairytale-esque scene that would surely impress your followers.

Photo Manipulation | Canoe at Widgeon Falls

Photo I took of my friends

Photo Manipulation | Images Collected from Online

Images collected from online

Photo Manipulation | Tropical Canoe - Photo Manipulation

Final image after editing

Photo Manipulation | Canoeing in Tropics – Photo Manipulation Process

Editing process


There are many ways to mix and match body parts or external features to form a whole new being. Whether you want to swap heads, get that fit body, or elongate your legs found from a different person, animal, or object; you have the freedom to explore all of the endless possibilities.

Photo Manipulation | Photos used for mermaid manipulation

My grad photo & beach photo plus additional images found online

Photo Manipulation | Mermaid Body Manipulation 2020

Final image after editing

Photo Manipulation | Mermaid Body Manipulation - Process Video

Editing process


Emphasizing the beauty of a photo can be done with a simple addition. In this case, I loved the original photo taken by Swana Kae but knew that the overall feeling could be exaggerated with a hint of “magic”. Instead of a simple lotus mudra, I added a real-life lotus with some imaginative touches to create that dreamy and hypnotic feeling.

Original Photo - Lotus

Photo of me taken by Swana Kae

Photo Manipulation | Photos used to create Lotus

Images and brushes from online

Photo Manipulation | Ashley with Lotus Magic

Final image after editing

Photo Manipulation | Process Video of Lotus Magic

Editing process