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Easter Blend Hunt

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April 2015–Present (Annual)

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The Easter Blend Hunt is an annual community event held in the tri-city area of Metro Vancouver for all ages. The owners of Blend, myself, and some other volunteers will use paint markers to decorate Blend Jars (refillable eco-friendly jars they sell). We paint them with colourful patterns, our favourite cartoon characters, etc. to resemble an Easter egg. We insert one coupon per jar with a varying level of value such as “$5 OFF“. Then, the night before the event, we go out to hide all of the jars around the lower mainland. We designate a certain to hold the Grand Prizes and make sure to hide those ones in the toughest places.

The next morning, typically Easter Monday, we commence the Easter Blend Hunt to start via Social Media. Over the years, we have been refining the process to be bigger and better as Blend continues to grow. A couple years we’ve even had businesses donate their own Gift Certificates (from restaurants, escape rooms, etc.) to add.

Every year I have volunteer to help paint & hide the jars as well as respond to the winners that send in a photo of their voucher. It has grown substantially since inception and takes 4 of us to respond to the DM’s at once – all day long. It’s great to be a part of where it started & see where it continues to grow.


These tiles were all put together in one Instagram gallery to explain the details of the 2018 Easter Blend Hunt.

Easter Blend Hunt Flyer (Maps)


We designed a tangible map to approximately track the number of event attendees as they would come to the store to pick them up before heading out on their hunt.

On the map, they are told the boundaries of the cities that they’re in, the official rules to the event, and most importantly some riddles that will help guide them to the Grand Prize Jars.


These were the social media posts used to announce the very first Easter Blend Hunt. This was in the second month of being open and having started on Instagram. We wanted to create anticipation for the event while sparking intrigue with some mystery.

We decided to leave it up to the followers to like the post a minimum amount of times before revealing any details of what our announcement would be. This interactivity was great for gaining more attention on the platform as well as seeing how many people who already followed Blend were really engaged.

Social Posts – Easter Blend Hunt 2015

Filmed & Edited by: Myself


Filmed by: Myself
Edited by: Yoseb Vardeh

Community Involvement Online

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