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Chris Tioseco

Jan. 2017–Aug. 2017

Print Design

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Chris Tioseco is a real estate agent that works in the Vancouver and surrounding area. He was a client from when I worked with Lonely Cloud Design.

Realtors are a great client to have because they are always consistently marketing themselves. Whether it be printed materials or online; there are always projects to create for them. Most commonly, I would design & populate Feature Sheets, Just Sold Flyers, and Mail Outs.

Brochure Design – Who We Are
Brochure Design – Buyers
Brochure Design – Marketing
Brochure Design – Meet the Team
Chris 2018 Home Seller's Guide
iPad PDF Animation


Chris partnered up with another realtor, Wilson Su, to distribute this PDF form via e-mail campaigns. The title page was intended to show their audience the most recently sold homes. The second page is an interactive form for potential clients to download, fill out, sign, and send back to receive a free market evaluation from them.


I re-designed Chris’ feature sheet which used to be blue into a light gray colour. The top half carries all of the information a buyer would need to know. The descriptions are very detailed as it’s important to use visual language to convince the reader that they belong in that home. On the right side, I kept all of the specs that would be frequently asked about (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, year it was built, etc.).

Near the bottom, I created icons for popular nearby destinations (ex. transit, parks, coffee shops, etc.). I made sure to include enough space to add some high quality photos of the place itself. These would be sent to me from Chris to input. Finally, all the contact details to reach Chris are placed in the footer for those interested.

Chris Tioseco – Feature Sheet
Chris Tioseco – Facebook Page

My position at Lonely Cloud Design
I worked with Lonely Cloud Design as a contract designer. Our main clientele included: bars/pubs, realtors, and miscellaneous industries. My employer along with the client would critique any drafts I came out with and we would collaborate on design decisions for me to finalize.