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Canada Day

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Canada Day Events

July 2016 – Present (Annual)

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Blend Bubble Tea has secured an annual vendor spot for Canada Day at Lafarge Lake (Coquitlam, BC). This is an all day, all ages event with food, entertainment, programs & activities; all wrapped up with a highly anticipated fireworks show.

Canada Day Event | Food Truck Lineup | Blend Bubble Tea | Coquitlam, BC


I also created all of the print materials that are necessary for this event. For the food truck, I created a banner, menus, and even a car magnet to stick on the side of the truck (for different perspectives to see).

Every year, they also rent a Spin to Win wheel where they pin up a variety different valued coupons. The spin is free and everyone is a winner but mostly people will do it while waiting in line to purchase their items. Whichever coupon the spin lands on, the spinner will receive a voucher for that discount that is redeemable at the store starting the next day.

Canada Day Snapchat Filter

Since this was their first Canada Day appearance, they wanted to draw some attention online and let people know that they would be set up at Lafarge Lake. Along with the typical Instagram & Facebook posts, we planned to go live with a Snapchat Geofilter.

On Canada Day, the Geofilter went public (read more about this almost-disaster story here) and people would come by the food truck to take pictures using it. We figured this would be a fantastic way to reach a new following. It was even better since Lafarge Lake is located in their neighbouring city of Coquitlam. This meant that people local to Coquitlam, (or people going to this event from other nearby cities), may be discovering Blend Bubble Tea for the first time. In turn, sharing their new discovery on their Snapchat with other followers who may not have heard of them.

Canada Day Event | Suck My Balls Temporary Tattoo | Blend Bubble Tea
Canada Day Event | Suck My Balls Temporary Tattoo on Skin | Blend Bubble Tea |

When you think of Canada Day, you think of trying to be as patriotic as possible by dressing in red & white, wearing dollar store pins, and most of all using temporary tattoos. Typically you see the common Canadian maple leaf tattoo – but we thought it would be fun to create a design people would enjoy for Blend. This was a silly little tattoo I designed and ordered online. The imagery and quote was inspired by a visual seen online and re-developed into Blend’s style.

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