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Branding & Identity

History of Blend Logo
Blend Bubble Tea - Logo Design

The branding & identity of Blend started where most begin: the logo.

Blend Bubble Tea’s logo is designed to represent a blend of the two common ingredients that make up a basic bubble tea. “Bubbles” – a.k.a tapioca pearls and a tea leaf. Likewise, the leaf also symbolizes the conscious act of their sustainability efforts.

Blend Bubble Tea - Grand Opening Sign


There is a strong benefit for cafés to have an easily interchangeable menu as they are constantly updating flavours and products. Over the course of inception, Blend’s menu has grown and changed radically. This is why a digital menu is key for a company like this.

Above all, the hierarchy of the menu is important to keep everything legible and organized. Furthermore, I shoot, edit, and add the photos onto the screen. With a strategic crop the detailed fillings enlarge, really making your mouth water.

Since Blend has their own unique foods such as Japanese Mayo Fries or their specialty Tauns, I included ingredients beneath them. The yellow accent colour helps to emphasize influential notes like up-selling toppings or the option to purchase a mason jar.

Business Card – Blend Bubble Tea


As business cards are no longer a big priority in the restaurant world, I decided to keep the design very simple. Nowadays, most information & to-go ordering can now be done online.

There are only a couple moments that I can think of where a business card is still handy. Firstly, if you want to network with franchisors or other people in your industry. Secondly, if you want to personalize an apology or give a reward to an individual with an upon-return discount. I kept the background of the business card white so that the manager’s can write over top of it with any customization and have it still be legible.


During the beginning of summer, Blend gets scouted for many After Grad Catering events. This bi-fold brochure was designed so that they could give to the planning committees with all of their costs, services, and additional information the organizers would need to know.

Catering Services Bi-Fold Brochure Design (Open: Front & Back Sides) – Blend Bubble Tea
Catering Services Bi-Fold Brochure Design – Blend Bubble Tea
What's Your Blend Flow Chart