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Blend Bubble Tea Grand Opening Signage
Are you a bubble tea virgin? Call Blend for a good time: 604-475-8880
Blend Bubble Tea - Logo Design
Blend Bubble Tea Summer Drink Being Thrown in Air

Blend Bubble Tea is a café based in Port Coquitlam, BC. Their goal is to bring bubble tea (also referred to as boba), a drink that originated from Taiwan, into the mainstream.

Blend Bubble Tea Logo Horizontal

The two ingredients that are at the essence are: tea and tapioca pearls.

Tea Leaf + Tapioca Pearl or "Bubble" = "Blended" together (logo process) | Blend Bubble Tea

Often times newbies are embarrassed to order bubble tea because they aren’t sure what they can or should ask for. Blend wants to popularize the drink and make any audience feel comfortable to order and experiment with flavour combinations of their choosing.

Poster Design – Blend Bubble Tea
Customer: Hi can I get a bubble tea? Blend Employee: ...
The Solution: First time flow chart | What's Your Blend? Poster


There is a strong benefit for cafés to have an easily interchangeable menu as they are constantly updating flavours and products. Over the course of inception, Blend’s menu has grown and changed radically. This is why a digital menu is key for a company like this.

Above all, the hierarchy of the text is important to remain organized and legible. For Blend I shoot, edit, and implement all of the photos into the menu. With a strategic crop, the detailed fillings enlarge to induce hunger from the customers.

Since Blend has their own original menu items such as Japanese Mayo Fries or their specialty Tauns, I included ingredients beneath them. The yellow accent colour helps to emphasize influential notes like up-selling to a combo or a dip.

Catering Services Bi-Fold Brochure Design – Blend Bubble Tea


During the beginning of summer, Blend gets scouted for many After Grad Catering events. This bi-fold brochure was designed so that they could give to the planning committees with all of their costs, services, and additional information the organizers would need to know.

Catering Services Bi-Fold Brochure Design (Open: Front & Back Sides) – Blend Bubble Tea

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