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About Ash Robertson

“Home is just a room full of my safest sounds.” (Troye Sivan)

If this is true: Digital Media is my home. There is no where I feel more comfortable than on my laptop. The other day I was so encompassed in my work, I tried to turn down the volume of my surroundings (without realizing it was actually life outside of my screen). Now, you can perceive that in 2 ways:

One: Wow, she needs to get out more.
Two: Wow, she’s really motivated.

I prefer to think the latter but it doesn’t hurt to have someone remind me about the first concern every once in a while… just in case.


I established Ash Robertson Design in 2015 as a graphic design & digital marketing company. I first began my pursuit in this industry by attending school at the Art Institute of Vancouver. I graduated AI in 2014 with my Graphic Design & Foundations for Design Diploma. A couple years later, I went back to school; this time at BCIT. I graduated from there in 2016 with a New Media & Web Development Certificate. My motto is find something you’re genuinely curious about and never stop learning it. I’ve always loved learning new computer applications and using them in new ways as tools of the imagination.


I’ve always had a thing for imagination. I like to find interesting people, services, and products that really surprise me in quality or originality and bring that to a wide audience. I use my design & marketing skills to create a visual story that will attract the attention that my clients deserve. I have worked with a wide variety of interesting businesses ranging from: restaurants, cafés, bars, fitness influencers, realtors, interior designers, & many more. Subjecting myself to all different styles keeps my creativity & dedication flowing. I’m always open for collaborations as well as working on personal passion projects.


During large breaks, a camping getaway is my all time favourite thing to do. A close second would be half-assing my pause on technology by going to the drive-in. Being able to breathe fresh air yet catching up on new movie releases is all a new media geek could ask for. In October 2018, I left my comfort zone & attended a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Course in Portugal. I am now officially certified to teach Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga as well as give Ayurvedic Thai Massage. It’s very important to keep a balance of sitting at a desk for countless hours by incorporating some physical & mental stretching in my day.