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About ARD | Hello, I'm Ash Robertson

Your neighbourhood graphic designer who helps you express who you are and why you’re different as a business, brand, or consumer.

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As a service I provide small-mid size businesses with everything from branding to marketing materials that will boost their public reception.

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As an e-commerce shop, I sell my overflow creativity in the form of handmade products such as: stickers, magnets, presets, and more.


Firstly, why neighbourhood? A bustling city isn’t for me. I’ve always been a sucker for rural life. I like to keep my connections close. Work with me and you’ll find I’m easy to reach, always positive, and design killer graphics.

Why is Graphic Design and branding important for you as a company, solopreneur, partnership, or influencer? Our world is flooded with businesses to shop from or hire. As highly as we value the quality of a product or service, we have shifted to a new concern. Instead of seeing something we want and getting it instantly; we are now more likely to buy from people we like, know, and trust.

Nowadays, we are inclined to look deeper into the ethics of sourcing and production. We are interested to learn the values the lead member or company follows. Lately, we are more keen on supporting people that we share similar beliefs with. We choose brands recommended by our friends over random businesses that provide no purpose. In addition, we’re trying harder to support small and local businesses above large corporations that already have rich CEO’s.

As a sole proprietor, I not only want to show you who I am and what I value; but I want to help you find that out about yourselves. As a graphic designer, I can strategize and build your brand identity, create cross-platform assets that will keep your messaging consistent, and encourage you to niche down to an audience that really cares about you.

These days we have to show up, be open, and maintain a mission behind our pursuits.
Want to work together? Take a look at my portfolio for client work.

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“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.”


There’s Always More Beneath the Smile

What does this tagline mean?

Similarly as the logo-based (and literal) smile does for me, your logo design forms your audience’s first impressions of you or your company. It can symbolize what you do and who you are. However, to form a real connection with your audience, you can go deeper than that. Using branding & identity you can reveal your true authenticity.

Through your projects we can slowly start highlighting your company’s visions, values, processes, innovations, and more. Each time you acknowledge your company voice, you are educating your leads on who you are “beneath the smile” and forming better partnerships.