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In typical Wednesday fashion, I received a text from my boyfriend inviting me out to go get wings. This time, I convinced him to branch out from our local hot spot. Our predetermined standards were already heightened with the restaurant’s designated name of WINGS. We knew if they were confident enough to keep the name, they must be nailing the expectation of service and quality.

The Introduction

We first entered the restaurant at 7:30pm. Like any typical restaurant at this time, we were added to the waiting list for 20 minutes. Being a previous hostess myself, I know that this is regular and we were happy to wait. About 5-10 minutes into our wait time, the server offered us a couple menus so we could review what we might want to order. This was a nice accommodating touch. Not only does it feel welcoming – but it also keeps the restaurant efficient in not having to wait for indecisive people (like myself). A win, win situation for the company and the customer.

Wings Menu
This menu was great in comparison to others because it gives detailed descriptions of the wings as opposed to only mentioning the name of them. This gives us a bit more background on the flavour hints. For more information, the flame symbol distinguished which ones were saucy vs. a dry rub and the recognizable chili pepper was there to showcase the spicy options.

The Atmosphere

We got seated in a booth that could fit largely more than two people even when there were empty 2-top tables around. We realized it wasn’t necessary that we had to wait but no complaints. They chose comfort over speed (in the long run, I’m sure they’re used to guests asking to move tables regardless). So we sat in our nice booth and our server was right on top of greeting us. There were nice windows everywhere bringing in the natural light and transforming the place into a more lively experience as opposed to a dark, dingy bar.

The booth did give me more of a lounge feeling that would be perfect for a group of people surrounded by the numerous TV’s and free wi-fi. WINGS is absolutely a place that I would recommend to my friends when they want to go out to watch any sporting event or award show. You can see the TV’s from almost every angle so no one would miss out or get neck-strain from looking somewhere uncomfortably.

Having a past job in a restaurant myself, I am plagued with the mind set of an employee and notice a lot of the details. There was a table across from us that was dirty from the time we sat down to halfway through our meal. I think it was the manager that finally had to come and clear it. It didn’t seem busy enough for the servers to refrain from cleaning it but moreso seemed as if they never really noticed it.

Dirty Table Spotlight

On the other hand, our server was very attentive to his current designated tables. He knew exactly when to come refill our water glasses or provide any other requests. When a question was asked and there was any hesitation on our end, he swooped in with his menu knowledge and gave us some further suggestions to choose from.

The Price

“Wings Wednesday” isn’t a unique promotion. There are many locations of bars/restaurant chains that offer this. The difference with WINGS is that they offer their discount (half price) by the pound and it’s available on Wednesdays AND Sundays. Most places typically offer 30-35¢ per wing with a minimum order of 10 per flavour. WINGS offers ~$6.50 per pound (~10-12 wings) which equals around 65¢ each. This is double what the competition offers. To rationalize the extra cost they really put an effort in providing you value such as: larger selection of flavours, better taste, and fuller wings. In my opinion, that is what matters. Ultimately, I go out for wings to be satisfied and it’s true that you get what you pay for. I’d happily fork up the extra change to get the unique flavours and full-bodied meat at WINGS Tap & Grill.

When choosing which place is best to get your fix, there will always be an excessive variety of choices. Your decision often comes down to specific assets. The main 3 that I take into consideration are:

  • Food quality
  • Customer service
  • Price

If you have 2 out of 3 of those options, you are pretty likely to get a consistent return of customers. If you have all 3, you are killing the game.

My experiences have been rated like this:

Good price
Good quality
Low customer service

Pie Chart - Bad Quality, Mediocre Service, Good Price

Good price
Low quality
Occasionally good service

Pie Chart - Bad Price, Good Service, Good Quality

A bit more $
Good quality
Good service

Making your own list of statistics similar to this, you can make an informative decision. There will always be something you are willing to give up and it’s a personal choice for what you prioritize. Maybe you are a student and are looking for quantity over quality at a low price point – then you might head over to the local pub.

* However, you could spend a little bit more money and although you may not get the same amount of wings; you will receive them with a higher meat to bone ratio (which could end up an equal match of quantity when it comes down to it).

To me, being able to justify the expense with the quality and service is well worth it. And in overall consistency, the balance of mostly positive experiences in all areas is enough to bring me back. So for this one, WINGS definitely takes the cake.

The Food

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: PHOTOS OF THE FOOD.

I made sure my boyfriend got the wings and he selected 3 flavours:
Honey Garlic, Korean Sticky Sesame, and Saigon Sriracha Honey.

They were DELICIOUS. I myself am not a fan of spicy but the honey garlic and the Korean sticky sesame definitely had me at first bite. The sauce to wing proportion was excellent (not too drenched like some other places), and the meat was hearty.

I had a craving for pasta and wanted to try something on the menu that I wouldn’t expect to taste well at a place dedicated to wings. I went for the West Coast Tiger Prawn Linguine. This was surprisingly really good. Again, great ratio of sauce to noodle and there were more than just a couple prawns. We also decided to split a plate of yam fries between us. I was so full after tasting a bit of everything that I had to take my plate home. And I will say, my pasta held up as a tasty leftover.

I rate our Wing Night Wednesday craving as an absolute success and I can’t wait to bring my friends over for a more lively and fun dining experience. They get pretty competitive when it comes to eating the most wings and with these flavours, I have a feeling they’ll stretch their limits. Even more likely: their pants.


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