Visual Alphabet: Kitchen Typography

Visual Alphabet: Kitchen Typography

Visual Alphabet, object lettering, kitchen letters

Visual Alphabet: Kitchen Typography

This is my first simulation of the alphabet that I have photographed using items we wouldn’t normally depict as letters. (I only used the word simulation because it sounds like a badass virtual reality when truly, it isn’t.) …On second thought, it can be passed off as a new perception of reality, in a way. But let’s be honest, only in the nerdiest way possible.

Visual Alphabet, Kitchen utensils and items used as lettersVisual Alphabet, Kitchen utensils and items used as lettersVisual Alphabet, Kitchen utensils and items used as letters

I chose to go for objects that could only be found in a kitchen. Additionally, I intended to not move the items from their original state, but that rule ended up being broken for the majority of mine. You would think with an abundance of utensils, appliances, and dinnerware at hand it wouldn’t be too hard but I have to say; I got stumped for a while on some of these. You will probably tell the ones that were a bit more difficult by looking at what I resorted to.

I’m pretty sure I started correlating the letters with the items. For example, “I need a “C”. OH, HEY. Cup!” but it started going downhill from there. “I need an “S”. Stove, saucepan… spoon… ssss-ink… slowly sinking… into surrender. I give up.” And this is where you force the creativity to come in. I recommend anyone to try this as it is a feasible design activity and definitely a brain puzzle. The challenge is sticking with the boundaries of your predetermined area or concept and becoming annoyingly observant. Forming letters from inanimate objects is like trying to cloud gaze with a realist.

Designer: “That one looks like a teapot! Or the letter “N”! What do you see?”
Realist: “A cloud.”
You feel like a nutcase but hey, your imagination is so much more interesting.