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Susan Cameron

Jan. 2017–Aug. 2017

Print Design

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Susan Cameron is a real estate agent that works in the Vancouver and surrounding area. She was a client from when I worked with Lonely Cloud Design.

Using her corporate colour (the light blue), I thought was a nice change of pace for the realty industry. The two projects that I would consistently design for Susan were her printed Newsletters and her e-mail campaigns. Realtors have so much information to pack into these monthly marketing projects – but Susan’s was done in a way to not overwhelm or shout at you.

The mix of her baby blue colour, white space, and soft airy imagery helped create a sense of calm. Many realtors go the opposite direction with bold, red “JUST SOLD!’ banners or a selection of photos from homes with all different colour schemes. This tends to come off as too busy and distracting. For Susan, we were able to psychologically slow things down and put the reader at ease; while they are still absorbing the important statistics and information as intended.

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Susan Cameron – May 2017
Susan Cameron – June 2017

My position at Lonely Cloud Design
I worked with Lonely Cloud Design as a contract designer. Our main clientele included: bars/pubs, realtors, and miscellaneous industries. My employer along with the client would critique any drafts I came out with and we would collaborate on design decisions for me to finalize.