Summer Reads: Design & Media Edition

Summer Reads: Design & Media Edition

Summer Reads, graphic design and film books

Graphic Design & Media Books

It’s sad to say that summer is nearing it’s end but that doesn’t mean I have no time left for reading. Instead of a common John Green book (who I do love), or a franchise book of an upcoming move, I decided I would actually like to expand my knowledge on some Design and Media books. After floating around amongst the new-book smell, I came out of Chapters with four different books.
From top to bottom, I purchased:
Show Your Work Austin Kleon
Just My Type Simon Garfield
Film Directing Shot by Shot Steven D. Katz
100 Ideas That Change Graphic Design Steven Heller & Veronique Vienne
Most of these may be considered default Graphic Design books. I have been recommended “Just My Type” many times before. I feel a bit embarrassed to call myself a designer without having read some of these raved about books. We have already proven successful techniques right under our eyes. We as designers are privileged to read shared ideas so we must take advantage of it. I have already finished “Show Your Work” which is what inspired me to write a blog post. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to keep on reading the rest.
Let me know if you guys have read any of these and what you thought about them. OR If you happen to have any other book recommendations that you think I or someone else may like, leave a comment.