Saying Goodbye To Seth (Giving Him Away)

Saying Goodbye to Seth

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Today is a sad day for me. I have decided to give away my crested gecko, Seth. I grew up obsessed with lizards. It all started with me wanting a bearded dragon. I researched for years on everything to do with lizards. I knew exactly how to take care of them and formulated my own presentation on why I should get one. I forced my mom to take me to the Reptile Refuge which was about an hour away (more than once). I even made my own photo album of reptiles.

I’m sure whoever gifted me this photo album had no idea what was coming.

Photo Album Reptile Refuge Business Card
Above is a business card for the Reptile Refuge I begged to go to. There are 4 different versions of the business cards spread out amongst this album which means, we probably went 4 times. (Going here was like driving an hour to go to a pet store filled solely with animals with no fur. Besides the mice that were fed to the iguanas. Not fun, for most people.)

Below is some snake skin that I bought from the Reptile Refuge to add to my collection.

Reptile Skin Shed Bearded Dragons
Above is the type of lizard I wanted. Basically because they’re cute AF with those little beards they use by sticking out to warn off predators. This was around the time the show Pet Star was airing too, so it didn’t help my case to see a contestant bring their bearded dragon on that wore a leather jacket and rode a motorcycle. Man, I needed it.
I couldn’t find the clip online so here is one riding a skateboard.
(by GarrettDavidGinner on YouTube):

I think my mom thought it was a phase until a few years went by and they were still on my mind. Suddenly, one day out of the blue – it wasn’t even a special occasion or anything – it was time. My mom took me to Petland and we picked out the most beautiful crested gecko. There were no bearded dragons at the time but honestly, he was cuter anyway. He still is seriously the best looking crested gecko I have ever seen (including all of the photos on the internet). I mean, my mom even fell for the little guy. We named him Seth and my 14-year-old self was ecstatic.

I remember playing with him all day and watching him jump. My favourite thing to do was look at him head-on because it permanently looks like he is smiling. One day he jumped square onto my face which scared me to death. I even inspired one of my friend’s to get a crested gecko of her own and we took them on a date.

He can run shockingly fast. There was one time I lost him in my room for 2 straight days. I looked everywhere. The easiest way to find him was by downloading the cricket app that is meant for awkward silences. He would usually come thinking it’s time for food. This time he didn’t. But, there was no harm done and he was found a mere 48 hours later being a sneak in between my bedroom furniture.

I call him my little dinosaur because he actually is one. I grew up with The Land Before Time, We’re Back, Prehysteria!, Jurassic Park and matured into watching Ross on Friends and admiring his palaeontology. I even got those miniature science sets of dinosaur bones that you could dig up yourself with a chisel and brush. They were remarkable. Having Seth was basically what I imagined with having my own dinosaur.

Now, I have had him for around 8 years and it’s time to say goodbye. I feel horrible giving him up but I know I have to. I don’t have the money to keep buying his food every week and other essentials. And I’m never really home enough to take him out or take care of him to the best of my ability. I have nightmares about him escaping or passing away all the time and I think it’s my subconscious feeling guilty. It’s not that I don’t love him, I really do. I just can’t take on the responsibility anymore at this point in my life. I love you, my Sethella.

The new owners are thrilled to take him in and I’m happy he will be given a new, respectful, and loving home. Now it’s time to cry over our last photos together and listen to Sara McLachlan’s “When She Loved Me” from Toy Story 2.

Goodbye Seth, I’ll miss you.


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