VP Developments

Website & UI/UX Design

Being a school project, the website isn’t under an official domain but you can still view the live versions below.

Website Prototype:
(website no longer live, watch video below):
VP Developments Website

App Prototype made in Invision:
VP Developments Application

This is a project I created in my Information Architecture class. It is a website and application project for VP Developments, a general contracting company. The objective of the website is to make an easy interface for potential clients to find out what services are offered and fill out a simple, detailed form to request an estimate of the costs.

The development process was very important for this project. A big focus was working on the user-experience and interface design. I started by determining the target audience, creating scenarios, a sitemap, wireframes and a style guide. Once the priorities were brought forward, I began working on the layout. You can take a look at all the research and steps I took in the pre-production process in my VP Developments – Design Brief.

The goal of the app was to make a shop and practice E-Commerce so the steps displayed are of going through checkout for equipment rentals.