THE PORTSIDE PUB – Print Design & Social Media

Print Design & Social Media Marketing

Company: The Portside Pub
(Client at Lonely Cloud Design)
Date: Jan. 2017–Aug. 2017
Project: Print Design
& Social Media
Adobe Photoshop &
Adobe Illustrator

Process Work for Insta Story:

The Portside Pub is a nautical themed pub in Gastown (Vancouver, BC).

The Portside Pub and the Blarney Stone were under the same head office. The projects for both places were very similar. Mainly media packages which included: posters, Instagram squares, Facebook cover photos, website banners, table talkers/tent cards, etc. (give or take some variations dependent on specific events). Every once in a while there would be a different type of project such as a rack card or printed event tickets.

Their theme was nautical which I brought forward with design elements such as ropes, maps, anchors, etc. My main focus with this brand was the text hierarchy. Portside would always test my ability to completely shift my designs as they would begin with minimal text and continuously add more and more. While that can cause what feels like endless editing, it really helped me refine my skills in layout. My first illustration project ever was done here (The scuba diver poster) which I had a great time exploring with different textures, playing with outlines, and colours. Since illustration isn’t my specialty and they really wanted more customizable imagery, they ended up hiring an illustrator (Jeffry Burgess). He was fantastic for the customized caricatural artwork that they were looking for and it was also interesting to collaborate with someone new.

My position at Lonely Cloud Design
I worked with Lonely Cloud Design as a contract designer. Our main clientele included: bars/pubs, realtors, and miscellaneous industries. My employer along with the marketing team at the Portside Pub would critique any drafts I came out with and we would collaborate on design decisions for me to finalize.