Rebranding of Pub

Rebrand a Real Company
Design Logo
Design Website Layout
Take Photos of Actual Place

This is a redesign for my Senior Project class in school. The Gillnetter Pub is a local pub in Port Coquitlam, BC. I rebranded it with a new logo, menu, business cards, take-out bag, t-shirt and website.

As you may already know, a gillnetter is a type of boat that is used for gill netting (fishing with large nets). For the logo, you can see a combination of an anchor with the beginning letter, ā€œGā€. The direction taken was an old-style, etching design. For the menu, you can see faint longitude and latitude lines in the background to resemble a sea map from back in the olden times. As well, etchings were made of a boat, swordfish, and other nautical illustrations to be placed into the design. If you have ever been to the pub, you would feel how well it complements the interior.

The website I aimed to have simplicity and an easier navigation than their current one. This way, you can find what you are looking for without large chunks of text and dated design. All of the photos for the website design were taken by me in the actual pub.