Simpli Design

Logo, business cards, and information brochure

Project: Branding Identity (Logo, business cards, and brochure)
Software: Illustrator, inDesign

Simpli Design is a start-up interior design company focusing on modern, fresh, and functional homes. These keywords were descriptions that helped inspire my vision for their brand identity. I was able to design their logo, business cards, and an informative brochure. With the pre-determined accent colour of a pale blue, I went with a strong contrast of black. The shape design above the “i” in Simpli was intended to resemble a house with a triangle roof but also an upward pointing arrow to signify improvement and a growing development.

The client had an idea of a transparent business card with rounded corners. With those requirements, I was a bit worried the blue would get lost. After that concern, I enlarged the logo to fit end-to-end so it would be as legible as possible. I changed Kirat’s name to the blue also to keep consistency and have a nice a highlight colour to the black. We were both pleased with the readability of the text once printed.

The client had supplied me with a Pinterest board of ideas that they wanted their brand to come across as. This helped me to nail down the style they were proposing and bring it to life. The board included things such as line art, thin typography, and lots of white space. You can see I brought these factors forward in the brochure with a light-weight typeface, lined icons, and a clean layout. They also wanted a brand mascot that they could personify throughout future materials which is where the character fits in. They yellow really stands out and adds some interest to the insides while the rest of the brochure remains with the corporate colours. In any future designs, I will be able to change the expressions and wardrobe of the character to be suitable within context.