KIRAT CHUNGH – Corporate Identity

Logo & Business Card Design

Company:Kirat Chungh
Date: Dec. 2017
Project: Print Design
Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Photoshop,
& Adobe inDesign

Kirat Chungh is a newly licenced Real Estate Professional that needed a logo and business card designed for her prospective clients. She loved the idea of a handwritten wordmark for her logo so I took out my tablet and provided her with many scripted variations to choose from. We narrowed it down to a couple options and then finally met in person to sit down and tweak it to her perfection.

She also provided me with her brokerage logo, the city image, and her personal headshot. She had mentioned she wanted her headshot to look a bit more “modest” and was hoping I could crop out her cleavage area. With this request in mind, I came up with the alternative solution of “pulling up” her top by using Photoshop to give her a bit more comfort in that area. This way, I was able to cover the portion of the image she didn’t want showing while still keeping the size and zoom as it was when it was first delivered to me.