First Date Do's and Don't's – Animation

After Effects Animation

Project: Motion Graphics Animation
Software: Illustrator & After Effects

It’s much easier to take advice from animated characters than from your real life peers. I took the liberty of that idea and formulated an animation to persuade your actions when going on a first date. This project was created in my Visual Effects class at BCIT. The project brief was very flexible with both a topic and duration of your choice.

The only criteria was to spend time improving quality over quantity (or duration). There’s also a hidden Easter egg for anyone who watches to refer back to the time it was made. In the movie theater scene you can spot the titles in the marquee that are referencing movies which were currently released during production. (Ex. Finding Fish referring to Finding Dory).

YouTube Analytics

Posted to YouTube, this animation has accumulated 125 views with 3 likes and 0 dislikes. From July 2016–April 2017 views have consistently increased. Viewers have shared my video socially 4 times. I have gained 2 subscribers directly from this animation.

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