Graphic Design, Social Media & Web Design

Company: DLO Move Support Services
Date: June 2014 – December 2014

DLO Move Support was great because they held high standards and took initiative to create a positive influence in many areas. For example, they cared a lot about the environmental impact and took the best routes to stay eco-friendly. The recycling brochure I designed includes an infographic that educates and motivates potential clients to choose DLO over another competitor.

Everything I did with them was to help make the customer experience as easy as possible. The office location had a bit of a downside to it – in which first-timers couldn’t quite find the right door to enter. We solved this problem by printing window vinyl to stand out and guide them.

When the new hires came in, they would be given a workplace safety manual to go through. This was fun to redesign using the concept of a moving package. I made the front and back cover look like a box, table of contents had packing peanuts, and the inside running banner represented packing tape.