DANCEPL3Y – Social Media, Video Editing & Print Design

Company: DANCEPL3Y Inc.
Date: January 2017
Project:Video Editing,
Social Media & Print
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Illustrator
& Adobe Photoshop

DANCEPL3Y is a company that targets schools and recreation centres to provide the service of dance classes. Ranging from all ages in subsets of kids, teens, and adults; their purpose is to provide an educative and fun, “physical literacy through dance”. DANCEPl3Y hired me as a contractor to do some graphic and video work for them.

To promote their company, they need to reach out to a wide range of ages. In doing so, I designed for different mediums.

Younger kids in schools tend to have a bit of impatience or lack of an attention span in class. When the TV or overhead is brought in, they perk up and start to appreciate the break of routine. For school classes, I edited together two short video sizzlers that would get the students excited about the program. There were two different directions: “Dancing Around the World” and “Dancing Through the Decades”. To keep kids engaged, we didn’t title any of the locations or generations so that at the end of it, they could make a guess to the era or dance style. This makes the video more interactive, educational, and most of all provokes them to get up and move. I edited the video sequences, applied music, colour corrected, and created the animated titles.


My next project was designing social media assets. These posts were intended to draw intrigue and have people engage on the website to find out more. The photos used were provided for me as stock images (along with the textual content). I used a square or rectangle as a frame that the people could burst out of. To really help catch the eye I chose bright, energizing colours. As the photos were stock images, I edited the colours in Photoshop of some of the clothing to make sure there was tonal consistency. Despite social media being less of a text-based platform, I had to work with the content provided. I used visual hierarchy in the large type for the title, with a colour pop & weight to the keywords, and smaller text below for some additional details. This is all represented in 2 Instagram posts and 2 Facebook Cover Photos (each having one targeting kids and one targeting adults).

Soon after, DANCEPL3Y was given the opportunity to set up a booth at a local conference. Main design focus: Stand out and get people to come interact. The consistent brand of DANCEPL3Y are the lively colours which definitely set their mark in a neutral business locale. The initiative was to have marketing materials that were outstanding and made people interested to approach the booth. For this, I created a step and repeat fabric banner, a table throw, and 2 retractable banners. The table throw had their logo to let you know who the company is, the step and repeat was a great photo op for passerbys, and the retractable banners were informative – to the point where you may need to ask some questions (but still told enough to get someone interested).

Finally, for the teachers I designed some stationery that they could use to write onto. These landscape documents kept the recurring images and branding while displaying the website and social links to promote the business.