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About Blend Bubble Tea

Blend Bubble Tea aims to expose and popularize bubble tea to the unfamiliar or hesitant public. Bubble tea is a very common drink within Asian cultures and Blend’s hope is to share the delicacy with everyone else. They also wanted to follow green standards and support the environment.

I designed the logo to represent a “blend” of the two common ingredients that make up a basic bubble tea (which is exactly that – “bubble” a.k.a tapioca pearls and a tea leaf).

If you are interested in some of my design process, see my post “Evolution of Blend Bubble Tea Logo.” Here is a sneak peak:

Evolution of Blend Bubble Tea Logo


With a store like this, the menu has to be interchangeable as they are constantly modifying it. Over the course of inception, it has expanded from one drink/food menu to 2 of each – which is why a digital menu is key. The layout is all about hierarchy and making sure everything is legible and organized. The photos have been added to entice the customer and give an example of what the drinks look like. Any up-selling or add-ons are “highlighted” in yellow such as adding toppings to your drink or choosing to purchase a mason jar.


If you are a newcomer and overwhelmed by the large variety of menu options; I also designed a fun flow chart to help you select your first order and an infographic to showcase what exactly is in the type of drink you’re considering. Blend sells their own mason jars that we placed the logo on. These are individual jars you can receive by upgrading your drink purchase. I designed a poster to showcase the benefits of the jars which include: bringing them back to refill at regular price (with an extra 300ml of drink), they’re eco-friendly, support re-usability and reduce the amount of plastic waste. If the customer is not the type of person to bring the jar back, I designed a poster advertising new ways to upcycle the jar into something else useful.


We took these personal jars to our advantage in multiple marketing campaigns. First, we came up with the Easter Blend Hunt in which we personalized the jars with our own designs, inserted coupons, and hid them around the city for people to find. This has become a huge hit with their regulars and brings in loads of engagement on their social media page. Alternatively, we came out with a Limited Edition Mason Jar, which is the same size as a regular drink and came with a unique logo. There were only 300 sold and the owner’s of these jars receive exclusive discounts on numerous promotions.


When Blend first launched their website, it was using WordPress. They had web developer create the site and it started off great but they didn’t have someone to continue with maintenance and the viewership started to dwindle. A few months ago, I decided it was best to switch platforms and move to a website with easier upkeep. A CMS that had a way for not only someone who knows how to edit websites (like myself) to do so, but for the founders themselves to be able to if necessary. I chose to go with SquareSpace.

This design has been a significant improvement from the previous in many ways, such as:

Improving SEO
They previously used images to display the menu (which would outdate quickly and wasn’t the best in mobile viewings) and now it is written in text on the site so their site will come up to people searching those keywords

Better imagery
Images are higher quality, formatted for web (loads faster), and mobile responsive

Website is always up-to-date
Now that we have changed to SquareSpace for a CMS system, anyone can make direct changes without the worry of knowing coding or any complicated web languages

Events page/blog
This is also great for SEO as the consistent updating of a blog will keep their website relevant in current times. As well, as it attracts people to their social media pages, their in-store events, and gives them a more personable vibe

Promoting Catering & Reservations
Adding a menu link in the navigation to let people know Blend provides Catering services and reservations for private events – this supplies more information to the visitor and can lower the amount of inquiries via telephone during a busy rush

Blend Bubble Tea Analytics (Analytics pictured left)

Now, the website is getting
~2,422 visits a month!