Portfolio Archive: Vanity Chocolates

Portfolio Archive: Vanity Chocolates

Portfolio Archive: Vanity Chocolates

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Foot Meets Fashion
Concept Development
Packaging Design
[/column_one_third] [column_two_thirds_last] Have you ever seen someone that is so stunning that they make your insides melt? Somebody whose eye contact you never want to break? You know that they deserve something for gracing you with their presence and I have made just the thing. Vanity Chocolates.

Gift them a box of chocolates that will show them exactly what you see. After reading the charming pun on the front, the receiver will not be able to resist smiling. In a moment of their true happiness and essence – they will see their reflection in the mirrored packaging. And don’t worry if the receiver has taken your breath away or left you speechless because everything you need to say is written in a poem on the back.

This project was for a class back at the Art Institute called “Dimensional Design”. The structure of the project was to create 3D packaging designs. We were given the concept of “Food Meets Fashion” which was inspired by an ad campaign our teacher had seen. The rest of the project had creative freedom. We had to come up with the company name, what the food product was (could’ve been a product or a service – ex. a line of soups or a restaurant), and then the packaging solutions. The idea behind Food Meets Fashion was to create something high-end that stood out from an everyday version of the product/service you chose. It was all about tastes both food and fashion related. I named my company “Vanity” and included mirrors in both the logo and the packaging. It was targeting people who appreciate beauty and buy products for a bit more money just for the added element of style.

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