Portfolio Archive: Formula of a High School Romance

Portfolio Archive: Formula of a High School Romance

Formula of a High School Romance Theater Brochure Design Tribute to John Hughes 80's movies

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Now that I’m gaining experience within the industry of Graphic Design, it means I’m slowly going to be replacing my old school portfolio projects with newer industry clients. Since I still want to be able to go back and remember my first projects and where I started from, I thought it would be nice to keep them live on my blog.

Starting off my Portfolio Archive with a literal “old school” project:

Formula of a High School Romance.

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This was one of my favourites because you can tell I really began to understand what a concept was. I struggled with this in school because I had the impression it was synonymous with theme. Now, I would say a theme is similar to a subject or genre and a concept is a way to encapsulate that. For example, my recurring theme in this project is high school romantic comedies. The concept behind it is the “Formula of a High School Romance”.

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Ah, high school. What a complicated time of our lives. With hormones racing and maturing ladies and men everywhere, you were bound to fall head over heels. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can be risky but there’s one thing we could say: every high school romance has it’s own formula. John Hughes, legendary writer and director of romantic comedies in the ‘80’s really found his focus in this area. Here is a theatre brochure presenting his infamous collection of hit movies as play adaptations.

Hidden amongst his stories are formulas of:

  • Conducting experiments for the “perfect woman” (Weird Science)
  • Unexpected chemistry between different types of people (The Breakfast Club)
  • Magnetic energy between people who maybe shouldn’t be attracted to one another (Some Kind of Wonderful)

This observation inspired my concept of creating a brochure that showcases the process in which relationships form and putting a scientific/experimental spin on it. Using styles such as a lab report for the play details, yearbook photos for the actors, and elements of the periodic table for the overview of the individual plays. These ideas are embodied in a multitude of rom-coms and it was fun designing the composition while trying to include them in a clever way.

Project Done: November 2014