Plain White T's concert photography

Plain White T’s

Yesterday I woke up early to join my boyfriend as he worked at the PNE. (The PNE is a two-week event at our local amusement park that adds more exhibitions, vendors, concerts, etc.) It was a gloomy day outside and the flow wasn’t very busy like we hoped. It was nice to visit and hang out with him as he has been working there daily, but I had a secondary motive that brought me there. It was the Plain White T’s concert. Of course everybody loves, “Hey There Delilah” but I am one of the few that continued listening to their music after that hit had it’s play time.

I asked about the Boys II Men concert that happened yesterday and our friend said it was absolutely packed so I should leave early if I want a good spot. They did begin to sell tickets online for reserved seating but there are plenty of bleachers all around or you can stand on the floor level behind the reserved spots. So, thinking it would get packed early, I decided to head down there about an hour beforehand. There were not many people there, and the ones that were, were sitting on the bleachers. I went and stood down at the floor level behind the reserved seats. After about 20 minutes of waiting one of the security guards walks up to a group of girls beside me and hands them some tickets. I figured, well they’re in a large group they probably only had a few remaining to hand out. And then they walked up to me and said, “You must be a big fan if you come down this early, how about you take this?” and handed me one as well. I had a pretty dead center spot standing there but decided to check where my seat would be.
I enter the area and find my seat. It’s not as centered but it’s closer so I stayed at it until the concert began. Once the first song finished I realized people were standing up to the gate that is right in front of them. When I realized you were allowed to do so, I walked over and had front row, closest you can get viewing. I was still off to the side a bit as I was a little late to the standing party, but I was just as close. I have never been THAT close/front row to a concert that I actually cared about. It was incredible. Not to mention, there was NO pushing/shoving. I’ll admit it can be fun to let your wild side go at more intense concerts, but this was perfect. I felt as if they were performing solely for myself.
Best of all, I had my DSLR camera with me. I got to record some high quality videos of some of my all time favourite songs, front row, of a free Plain White T’s concert. Could it get any better?


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