MRM: "The One I Love"

The One I Love movie poster

MRM: “The One I Love”

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Movie Review Monday: The One I Love
Writer: Justin Lader
Director: Charlie McDowell
Stars: Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss

The One I Love movie posterBefore getting into this review, I want to start by acknowledging the movie poster designed by Akiko Stehrenberger. I appreciate that Akiko decided to illustrate the actors instead of using photographs. That simple change of medium makes it more compelling on it’s own. This could have easily been manipulated digitally but instead the time was taken to illustrate it which makes it much more unique and artistic. Just like the movie was. The creators were not afraid to step over boundaries and break the rules of predictable features. The poster may appear typical for a romantic comedy with the two main characters on the front but it is actually much more conceptual. There is a significance with the pool water that surrounds them as well as the difference between themselves and their reflections.

If you don’t know what this movie is about, I will place the trailer below:

This movie starts with a married couple who are on the brink of their relationship ending. They speak to a therapist who recommends a retreat away for their final attempt at reconciling their marriage. Once they arrive at their estate, they discover some unexpected and unexplainable hurdles to face.

The emotions in this film felt authentic. Mark Duplass is the type of actor who you can easily connect with. Every action of his in this film was accounted for as the necessary reaction and steps any man would have taken in his position. Similarly, you also understood the reasons for Elisabeth’s decisions throughout the journey. It was a complex film that creates an internal debate between right and wrong and how their relationship should proceed. I think they pinpointed exactly how such an outlandish situation would have played out in reality. The script was honest with hints of humor and deviation in the right moments. It was confusing without letting you feel more lost than the characters themselves.

The One I Love has brought a new vision on romantic dramadies and allowed us to expand our minds and our perceptions in a new way. I think people would come out of this movie, putting themselves in the shoes of the characters and thinking how they would delve into the challenges. I can see it as a remedy for people looking to bring the spark back into their relationships or trying to remember why you got into them in the first place.

It was one of those stories where you are afraid for it to end because you don’t know the answer to the way it should conclude. I thought it might have been an intriguing movie with a disappointing ending but I was wrong. My immediate reaction was a hum and a ha wondering if that’s the way it should have finished but, after a moment, that turned into approval.

Overall, I was captivated by the trailer and impressed by the feature. I’m happy the comedic aspects didn’t overpower the plot’s exploration. It was a brave storyline that could have come off much more fictitious than it did and instead was interpreted with recognition and compassion. Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss are the entire foundation of this movie and without their acting it would not be as enticing. I will be looking for more of Mark Duplass in the future as his role feels so natural and convincing. I feel like a real bystander in his life than someone watching an actor on a screen. This film is currently available to stream on Netflix and I suggest you do.


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