MRM: "The Age Of Adaline"

The Age Of Adaline

MRM: “The Age of Adaline”

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Movie Review Monday: The Age Of Adaline
Writer: J. Mills Goodloe
Director: Lee Toland Krieger
Stars: Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Harrison Ford

For those of you that don’t know what this movie is about it is a lady named Adaline who had an improbable accident leading her to stop aging. It’s a story about her life and struggling with immortality while everyone else around her is continuously growing old.

Blake Lively is fantastic in this movie. She has always sort of had a timeless sense of style. One of those actresses that can be absolutely stunning without wearing anything revealing or “sexy”. In this movie, she is very convincing that she is of another time. Ellis, played by Michiel Huisman is very charming. I hate to admit I am not a Game of Thrones follower so I haven’t been blessed with his presence on screen yet. I look forward to seeing him more in the future.

As many different directions as this sort of plot could lead, it is ultimately a romance movie and it was delightful. It was a great movie to release for our current trends of the vintage hipsters. There is one place that Adaline takes her love interest, Ellis, and I adore it. I want to call it cute and picturesque but perhaps I should just admit it’s very Tumblr.

I will confess it is a fairly predictable movie but that didn’t make me any less invested. One feature that I liked quite a bit was the narration and imagery around the accident. Movies like this often have an unrealistic storyline and leave plot holes in the way it was all conceived. Despite the illogical outcome of the accident, they took time to really teach you how and why it happened. There is no doubt that the timing and circumstance is down to the exact second and there’s no way it would really happen. But, that’s what a tale is. A fantasy of “what would happen if- “, and that’s exactly what we find out. (Not saying there is any true science behind it but they make it more creditable with their explanation). It sucks you in from Adaline’s viewpoint forcing you to decide how you would feel living with this curse.

Harrison Ford appears halfway through the movie and of course I don’t have to rave about an actor who has already been one of Hollywood’s heroes but he was excellent. Of all the moments to feel sentimental, his scenes did it to me the most.

The trailer didn’t spark too much interest for me but my mom took me along with her. Some of this was filmed local to me, in both Burnaby and Vancouver so I was guaranteed to go and see it at some point. Ultimately, I would say this is a film to put on when you’re feeling a love story – with a hint of familial love as well as romantic. Plus, who needs an excuse to look at hunk Michiel Huisman and beauty Blake Lively for 2 hours?


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