MRM: "It Follows"

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MRM: “It Follows”

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Movie Review Monday: It Follows
Writer: David Robert Mitchell
Director: David Robert Mitchell
Stars: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist

It Follows is a horror movie that is only playing in select theaters. After hearing so many positive things about it, there was no choice but to go and see for myself. This movie was filled with many attributes I liked but had potential to have a bit of a better narrative. Although, it did do it’s job which is to creep the hell out of you.

For those of you that haven’t heard of it, you can watch the trailer below:

I was entranced into the movie instantly by the music. It was very vintage, Halloween-esque, theme music that struck loud in your ears and would race your heart. You can definitely pull some more inspiration from horror movies such as Nightmare On Elm Street; where the teenagers are left solely battling the entity without any help. This keeps it more entertaining as a fictitious scary movie. You also get to become more personable with the characters and understand the types of relationship they all have with each other.

One thing I want to point out with the actors were they actually came across as your average teenagers. Maika Monroe who plays the main character, Jay, felt so real as an ordinary person. These days we watch movies with thin, model-types who are too old for their role and heavily pampered in make-up. Maika is topless in a few scenes and watching her in the mirror wasn’t making me regret or slow down my popcorn intake. She had not overwhelmingly large breasts, not a flat tummy, and average sized arms. Yet, she was still naturally beautiful and the eye-candy of her male counterparts. Very refreshing to see. (Photo below)
Jay, Maika Monroe (It Follows)

In the beginning, the first couple of “follows” were not too terrifying. As it moved along, it became freakier. The follows became more intense and the suspense was strong. The premise keeps you thinking as you try to form together your own solution. What is morally acceptable in your actions? How would you go about escaping or passing it on? Is it even real? I think there could have been a bit more conflict to keep things interesting at times when it may have moved a bit slower but overall it was well done.

I will say, once the movie ended and it was time for my sister and I to walk back to my car, in the dark – suddenly the most innocent looking of people walking by had a spook to them. Nevertheless, we made it back to my car safely. (Granted, that may be due to our jittery, speed-walking.) Solid horror flick. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new scary movie to watch.


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