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Bruce Jenner Interview Review

MRM Exception: “Bruce Jenner: The Interview”

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Today, I wanted to make an exception for “Movie Review Monday” and review the 2-hour special, Bruce Jenner: The Interview that aired this past weekend. It might not be as much of a review of the special but more of my reactions and thoughts towards the episode. Without further ado, here is my Movie Interview Review Monday.

Along with everyone else, I scheduled time on Friday to sit down and watch Diane Sawyer interview the current, tabloid-target celebrity, that is: Bruce Jenner.

I feel the need to admit now, the only reason that I know of Bruce Jenner is from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I mean, what do you expect from a girl that was born in 1993? This doesn’t change the fact that he was widely known as an American Hero and titled the “World’s Greatest Athlete” after his Olympic win in 1976. Also, I am referring to him in this post as Bruce and “him” because he has not announced his future name change yet and this was the approach used for the pronouns in the interview.

I’m sure with all of the publications you now know that Bruce Jenner has exposed his true gender identity. Of course, I had heard the rumours and seen the paparazzi photos of him going into procedures beforehand. I have even seen the difference in the transformations of his face since the very first season. I still was hesitant to believe. Not because I think it is weird or wrong but just because when you watch someone’s life for 8 years; (Yes, the show has been running for eight years and yes I have seen every single episode of every single season; including the spin-offs.) you begin to feel like you know them. You understand them.

Watching this special only confirms, you don’t know anybody the way you think you do. There should be no more surprises in humanity and only the acknowledgement that we are all equal and nobody is alone in how they are feeling. Which leads to the question – is Bruce the first to come out with this story? No. Hell no. Then why watch his interview? Why watch a celebrity when there are thousands of teens out there struggling – asking for help online? I can give you an answer to that. He can cater to an audience that wouldn’t normally watch this kind of documented story. That means the appeal is there even for people that are close-minded which is exactly who is needed to make a change.

For those of you who are unaware of what defines “transgender” – I’m sure you can find multiple sites to help describe it but I will try my best to simplify it.

A type of gender (similar to male or female) – NOT related to sexual desire.

Likewise of a male or female, they can be sexually attracted to the opposite sex, same sex, or neither.

Gender and genitalia are no longer linked. You identify as a male but were born with breasts and a vagina or you identify as a female but were born with a penis and pecks. You can choose to go through “SRS” (Sexual reassignment surgery) to become who you feel you are or you could cross-dress and continue to inhibit the body you were born with.

While I say this, I know there must be many other variations of how to express your gender. Women tend to wear make-up, dresses, and be “girly” but there are also tomboys. These are not transgender women who truly feel that they were meant to be a male but simply women who don’t take interest in make-up, glamour, or other stereotypical “feminine” things. I am 21-years-old and I am still uncomfortable with applying make-up. I am confident in saying, that doesn’t make me any less of a girl.

I think very soon the gender lines will be blurred. People will be able to act how they want, wear what they want and not be judged as “not lady-like” or “too sensitive”. Soon blue and pink will no longer be associated with gender and girls will be playing in the mud while boys will be lip syncing in their new dresses. There have already been quite a few videos bringing awareness to these stereotypes and creating a movement to break them. When we look back in history, they will pinpoint our generation to the beginning of a societal change. (If you would like to watch a few of the videos I am talking about, I will link some at the end.)

Now that you have a better perception of transgenders, let’s get back to Bruce Jenner. You can’t help but feel sorry for him that he has lived 65-years with the external denial of who he is. I will say, I respect the fact that he was open to his thoughts to each of his wives. Though, he admits to playing it down or making it seem less of an importance to his life – he still had the courage to admit to them the bare minimum. From what I have seen and heard from the way his children talk about him, he has been an exceptional dad. He has whole-heartedly loved each of his wives and holds strong family values with everyone in his bloodline.

Admitting to people that I am a KUWTK fan has gotten me some very obvious eye rolls or sudden look of ridicule but I don’t care. I know that a lot of it is scripted but I follow it for the personalities that I like and to keep up-to-date on some of the real parts that do happen. (Such as relationships starting, ending, or real current struggles.) I have to admit the episode where Kris and Bruce sit the family down to say they aren’t going to live together anymore made me cry. Even had some tears rolling on the first episode of this current season listening to Kris and Bruce talk to each other about dating rumors. It boils my blood when I hear people say that this Bruce Jenner interview is all a publicity stunt and only happening to gain more ratings. This is something that has been with him since a child, he has been taking hormones since the 80’s and people ignore it because of their own absurd assumptions that it is all an act.

I encourage everyone to go and watch this to help inform you on the facts you may not already know. Also, to see for yourself that it doesn’t change who you are as a person. One of the biggest points I could see Bruce trying to stress is that as a father raising the children it was just as much “her” as it was him. That means, he is still going to have the same morals, care, sense of adventure it will still be the person you know just a more comfortable, confident version. I am not going to pretend like I am a know-it-all about the transgender community but I am educating myself with it through reading Tumblr posts, watching this interview and other forms of online research. I hope the interview and this post can instigate a curiosity in you, too. Go research and learn, soon it will be second nature to accept everybody as who they wish to be.

Here are links to the above mentioned videos bringing awareness to stereotypes:


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