MRM: "Dark Skies"

Dark Skies Movie Poster

MRM: “Dark Skies”

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Movie Review Monday: Dark Skies
Writer: Scott Stewart
Director: Scott Stewart
Stars: Kerri Russell, Jake Brennan

* There may be some spoilers but ultimately the movie is foreseeable by watching the trailer.

Guilty, I fell for the trailer strategy where they mention “From the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious“. As I personally never liked the Paranormal Activity franchise I should have been a bit skeptical but I loved Insidious as a horror movie. I have always been into the horror flicks and get excited when new ones come out that completely shock you or have a more creative storyline. This movie was not that at all. It doesn’t feel like there was one original thought to this movie. It was bits and pieces of every scary movie/thriller out there and completely predictable. The only part with a slight distinction is the ending which at least didn’t make me roll my eyes and regret the whole 97 minutes. Although, I still sighed and went to bed thinking how I should have watched my second choice instead.

Frequently a scary movie will go like this:
1. Introduction to a happy family that gets along so you will eventually feel for the characters when things go awry
2. Incomprehensible things start happening around the house that freaks them out
3. They research all of the symptoms and happenings to find any precedent or related incidents
4. They discover symbols, words, images that represent the existence that’s terrorizing them
5. The child has drawn these images or has received similar markings on their body
6. They contact that one specialist which people deem crazy and explain what’s been happening
7. They learn how or if you can defeat it
…and the rest is how they want to conclude it.

These scenarios are usually to do with spirits or ghosts and the solution will either be an exorcism or seance. This movie was about aliens. I have to say, these were the most cheesy looking aliens imaginable. They looked like malnourished humans you wanted to care for instead of something to be afraid of. Basically, the typical being that comes into your mind when you think of an alien but instead of green, it was grey. What a transformation!

I will admit the acting was good. Kerri Russell portrayed her emotions very well. Even the kids did a good job. I was actually surprised at the young girl’s acting, Annie Thurman. Although she was not a complex role, you can tell she will grow up to be a heart breaker with her flirtatious eyes and slick deliverance.

All-in-all, it felt like 4 similar films all broke into puzzle pieces and Dark Skies is what was put together with them. Nothing innovative or bold but an easy watch if there is nothing else. Something to put on when you aren’t in the mood to play detective and figure out the resolution during the motion picture, you just want some entertainment in front of you.


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