MRM: "Curse of Chucky"

Curse of Chucky

MRM: “Curse of Chucky”

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Movie Review Monday: Curse of Chucky
Writer: Don Mancini
Director: Don Mancini
Stars: Chantal Quesnelle, Fiona Dourif, Brad Dourif

I grew up watching the Child’s Play films along with the Bride and Seed of Chucky, and always had a love for them. What kept me returning to the screen was the connection to the characters. The same way you feel when you invest into the leads on your favourite TV show is how I felt with Chucky and Tiffany. It gets to a point where you practically believe you know them personally and have that urge to almost hang out with them. It’s a nostalgic feeling really. When I watched this and heard Chucky’s laugh again, it gave me that happy gut feeling of old memories.

Though, some of those feelings came back from his laugh or the pitter patter of his feet, I almost don’t want to look at this movie as part of the series. It was clear that Don Mancini intended this movie to be recognized as horror with minimal humor when the last two had quite a bit more comedic value. I’m not saying that one direction is better than the other, I appreciate both individually. It’s just different.

I can’t decide if I like the relation that Curse of Chucky tried to make with the old movies. I think it makes the back story of Charles Lee Ray a bit complicated if they are to continue on with this revamp as a series. Unless Mancini already had a back story played out in his head before this came out so there is no room for goofs. I would only be concerned if they made up that linkage only to have this movie make sense but then potentially leave plot holes in any future sequels. Likewise, at the end with the Jennifer Tilly cameo, that voice alone flashes you back to Bride and makes you believe that there is humour to come. (Which they are obviously trying to steer away from.) If they make another, I envision they won’t know how to portray Jennifer Tilly as a character to be taken seriously and they’ll end up teetering back towards comedy.

If they made Curse of Chucky without giving homage to the old movies, I think it could have dove deeper into fear and still worked. As for now, since he’s meant to be the same Chucky we have watched for years, you kind of hesitate and wonder where his signature personality went. There were a few cynical laughs but nothing comparable to the previous flicks.

While saying this, I understand that they didn’t want to completely disregard the past. Obviously the people who got excited to see this are all Child’s Play fans looking for that wink of “We know only you understand this reference”. And there are definitely a number of those winks throughout.

All-in-all, I still think this was a worthy horror flick. It had an overall darkness, suspense and gruesome deaths which are right up my alley. Nothing can stop me from watching anything with Chucky in it – no matter how ridiculously funny or intensely scary it becomes. I will always be a fan. Dolls are a particular phobia to a lot of people and if you’re one of them, Curse of Chucky brings back that terror you felt while watching the first Child’s Play or Puppet Master. Don’t miss out only because it went straight to DVD, it might surprise you.


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