MRM: "Comet"

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MRM: “Comet”

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Movie Review Monday: Comet
Writer: Sam Esmail
Director: Sam Esmail
Stars: Justin Long, Emmy Rossum

Swoon. All I can say is swoon. Over this movie, Emmy Rossum, and even, at times, Justin Long.

First things first, there are 3 women who make me question my sexuality. Not that I only find them sexy but that I am truly attracted to their entity. Their mind, humour, and appearance. Those three women are Olivia Wilde, Kourtney Kardashian (Mock me – whatever, she’s mine), and Emmy Rossum. She hasn’t been in many feature films so I am ecstatic that this is actually a good movie. Now, whenever I need my Emmy fix, I don’t have to resort to Shameless re-runs.

I know right off the bat that this movie is not for everyone. There’s kind of a trend that way with my review choices. Often times I have an unparalleled taste – which is the friction that caused my spark of interest into writing reviews in the first place. I get to introduce the films I watch, explain what I do or don’t like about them, and then leave the option of streaming them up to you. That way, it’s your fault for trusting my judgement if you feel differently about it.

Comet is what I dare call a unique love story. Not in the sense that it’s not like any other romance out there but by the order of events in which the story is told. It is the story of a six year old relationship being told sporadically through time. It is keeping you guessing what is past, future, current, and particularly: real. The scenes were set with impeccable detail. The lighting, camera angles, and filters were carefully thought through and added an element of intrigue while the scenes played out. There are symbols throughout the film hinting at a parallel universe and dialogue hinting at potential dreams; each keeping that sense of wonder hovering in your head.

I do love, love stories. I get entranced in the characters and begin to feel what they are feeling. I react as if I’m going through the scenario with the character on screen. I fell for these characters, quick. This is one of my favourite roles of Justin Long. Right in the beginning we are introduced to him as a quick-witted, pessimist but not in an irritating way. Then, to Emmy, who is playing a woman named Kimberely. She comes across as thoughtful, neurotic, but genuine. The chemistry between the two is captivating.

The “meet-cute” or the beginning of the relationship, (which is always the fairytale: how the guy win’s the girl over), is one of my favourites from any movie I’ve seen. The banter back and forth between Dell (Long) and Kimberely (Rossum) is engaging. There are many quotes and one-liners I would pull from this movie that made my heart sink; whether by charm or by gloom. Ones that made me so giddy I would smile or so heartbroken that I would cry. Essentially, the script is remarkable and creates the fundamentals of a film worth citing.

If you’re looking for a movie with a lot of conflict this is not it. It is an art form. An interpretation of a relationship that hasn’t quite been mastered before. It’s not the geek and the jock, the beauty and the beast, or the pool boy and the girl-next-door. It is a sensible couple that we observe and identify with. One with happy, adorable moments balanced against some darker days. Paved with the illusion of reality and reverie. I can’t wait to watch this movie again.


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